The Summer Release is Here!

Denise Deverelle Crown discusses some of the exciting new features of our productivity-packed summer release.

Today is Summer Release Day! We skipped the beach this summer and built a lot of nice productivity enhancements designed to save you time:

  • An entirely redesigned experience for notifications:
    • Company Alerts – notify you when a portfolio you are watching changes.  This is an automated way to watch your key competitors.
    • Search Alerts – notify you when a search you’re monitoring has changes.  This is useful for watching shifting technology trends.
    • Document Alerts – notify you when there are status changes at the PTO.
  • You can manage all of these notifications from a single place, share them with colleagues, see who is subscribed, when the alert last triggered, and more.
  • Alert Emails have been redesigned as well – you can export new data from the email, as well as view the changed documents just by clicking the link.
  • All three Alert types can be shared with people that are not Innography users.  They will be able to view links in PatentScout™.

Exports have been greatly expanded to include more fields, allow for configuration of the column order, and we now support exports of up to 60,000 documents.  You can even include first-page clippings.  To accommodate much larger exports, we’re now processing these jobs in the background if they include more than 1,000 documents.  You can continue working during the export process.  Exports will remain on the system until downloaded, or for thirty days, whichever comes first.

We’ve also added a new Preference area where you can configure settings for Family Reduction and Claims.  You can now choose to include Claims in a Text Cluster, PatentScape analysis.  If this is set to on, it will reflect in Playbook reports using Text Cluster as well. Performing your analysis with and without claims is an easy method to see how technology might be applied.

There’s more, so download the full release notes here!  Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to see next by emailing

Thank you for your trust in Innography.  We have some truly amazing things planned for later this year that we can’t wait to show you.

And a couple more things…  we have arranged for some of the leading authors on Intellectual Property topics to join us for webinars in September and October.

Join us on September 18 when Andrew Sherman, author of Harvesting Intangible Assets and 22 other books, discusses maximizing the value of your IP.

On October 1, we are happy to present Larry Goldstein, author of True Patent Value, and the forthcoming Litigation Proof Patents, to discuss what makes a good patent, common patent mistakes, and presents an interesting case study.

During both of these sessions, you can win an autographed book!

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