The Twelve Enemies of the Successful IP Harvest

Author Andrew Sherman to talk about Harvesting Intangible Assets on Innography webinar - September, 18th, 2014.

One of my favorite TED Talks is Andrew Sherman’s  “Harvesting Intangible Assets.”  It speaks to the value proposition that we strive for at Innography and why we are in this business of helping you create value from intellectual property.  I suggest all new Innography employees (Innogranauts!) watch it, and read the book.

If you’ve not heard of Mr. Sherman before, he’s a Partner with the prestigious Jones Day law firm, on the IAM 300 list (along with our founder, Tyron Stading) and the author of 25 (!) books.  He’s been on CNN; he’s an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law School, and he’s quoted in all sorts of publications (Wall Street Journal) when there is intellectual property to discuss.

Andrew Sherman is a great guy as well. On a whim, I called him up to ask if he’d be so kind as to do a webinar on this topic so all of our clients could benefit from his wisdom and expertise… and as busy as he is, he agreed.  I sincerely hope if you have anything to do with your organization’s product development or patent portfolio that you’ll register for this event on September 18.

You all invest a fortune in R&D to bring great products to market, and to secure your spot in the world economy.  Harvesting Intangible Assets provides a lot of practical advice and best practices to help you realize the true value of the innovation. 

Some of the most thought-provoking notions:

There are twelve enemies of the successful IP harvest – hint, Innography can help you with all of them.

Are you considering the right factors in a Make vs. Buy discussion?
Who is getting the harvest right, and who got it wrong?
Twelve ways to avoid product line failure.

Please join us on September 18 for one hour that could completely change how your organization derives value from its intellectual property.

Go ahead, register now:

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