They’re Here!  The Innography Playbooks™ have arrived!

As you know, intellectual property isn’t just your lawyer’s problem anymore. We’ve found that companies with no intellectual property holdings are starting to receive multiple infringement letters a year. And on the other hand, there are corporations built solely on IP practices. In the midst of tech patent wars and the America Invents Act, intellectual property has proved itself to be a company’s most valuable, or most dangerous, asset.

The idea of the Playbooks was born at our 2011 customer Boot Camp as we searched for a better way to provide product training. Client size and industry didn’t matter, as there were a handful of common IP problems that almost every company seemed to face. Yes, we “IP nerds” love to get deep into the belly of the Innography product and learn every little detail about each patent that our competitors own and could potentially use against us, but most people really just care about the outcome. How can I answer this difficult IP question quickly and efficiently?

In response to this challenge, we have worked long and hard to gather best practices from some of the most efficient IP pros in the world. We have taken what we’ve learned, bundled it, and created simple step-by-step “Plays” that produce factual, usable and  insight-rich reports in just a few minutes.  Think TurboTax® for the IP world. With Innography’s new Playbooks, literally anyone can run a Play to gain a better understanding of who they should be licensing to, how to respond to an infringement letter, and how attractive and risky an M&A candidate is. Our goal is to make these common IP functions accessible to any person with a need, no matter what their IP experience.

Our initial offering includes three complete Playbooks:

  • Innography Licensing Playbook™
  • Innography Litigation Playbook™
  • Innography M&A Playbook™

We predict this will be invaluable to our users. We’ve been running the Beta program for the past three weeks and have received great feedback. We are looking forward to hearing more about how you plan to use the Innography Playbooks, and what insights they lead you to find.

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