Video Transcript:  Why do IP Professionals Prefer Innography? Hear From Our Clients

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Edin Skaljic, Black Stone IP, LLC:

Well internally at Black Stone IP we us so many IP subscriptions and we have a lot of internally developed databases and custom algorithms.  Originally, a couple of years ago, Innography, we went on trial with Innography, and Innography fulfilled majority of the features that were required.  However, looking from this perspective today, Innography definitely fulfilled all of them now (laugh), which is a good thing, and actually went above and beyond some features that we actually never were looking for but it's very nice to have.

 Craig Shinners, Synopsys:

You know we have a very tight budget and our goal is to identify those inventions that are coming up to us from all the inventive community in Synopsys and trying to figure out which ones are the good ones.  And so what we're doing is we're taking the idea and we are doing a semantic search against our portfolio to see which ones we have done before and which ones are completely different than what we have done before.  So, it really helps us to identify technology that is redundant and maybe narrower in scope, you know protection may not be as valuable, versus something that is completely new that we haven't looked at or considered before. 

 Jaime Curro, Perkins Coie, LLP.:

The reason our team uses Innography is because it's one of the few databases that quickly analyzes patent portfolios using legal status, using kind codes so they analyze whether assets are patents or applications, whether they’re granted, or whether they've expired or not.  And so, being able to identify that information quickly is critical when we are looking at patent portfolios that are 60,000 or 90,000 records. 

 Khaled Fekih-Romdhane, Longhorn IP, LLC.:

It’s a great tool and even back in 2008 it offered us a lot of help with our licensing campaigns and with our patent acquisition work.  Since then, I introduced Innography to Conversant IP Management and I also introduced Innography to Acacia and the tool is still being used to today by both companies and they see the benefit of using the tool.

 Ilya Kats, ASM International: 

Innography offers a fingertip access to potential opportunities and it enables us to react quickly to the changing landscape. 

 John Onderko, Kimberly-Clark Corporation:

You can take a co-op, you can take a 30-year veteran, put them in front of the monitor and they can pretty much figure out exactly what they need to do with the tool and I think again that's very unique within the industry. 

 Patricia Stepp, Large Packaging Company: 

It's powerful and easy to use and I love how friendly everybody is and helpful and they want, they want whatever I can get out of it to be the best and I really value that.

 Khaled Fekih-Romdhane, Longhorn IP, LLC.: 

Innography has been a great vehicle to carry us to maximize the value of our IP.  

 Mike Gross, Kimberly-Clark Corporation:

To me Innography means reliable. 

 Jaime Curro, Perkins Coie, LLP.:

Innography means to me efficiency.

 Craig Shinners, Synopsys:

Innography is fabulous people. 

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