Where do you go for a good show?

Since Innography was established almost six years ago, we’ve grown to service more than 6800 users from 300 companies. What’s even more amazing, is we’ve grown organically. In other words, we’ve pounded some serious pavement. We have been very successful meeting key contacts and finding great value the old fashioned way, face to face meetings at industry events and tradeshows.

With technology enhancements such as WebEx and Skype, personal interaction seems to be on the decline, but we believe that technology will never replace the importance of good old fashioned face time, and we’re not talking about the Apple app. Besides, where else can you be put into a room with your target audience? Without further ado, in no particular order here are Innography’s top events for meeting with customers and prospects.

Innography Insights

What can we say; we put on a great conference. Our Insights conference is in its fourth year and has grown tenfold since we started it. It is limited to customers only, but we can truly say the best and brightest in the IP industry come together in Austin for four days of intense training, networking and all things IP.


We have had the pleasure of both attending and presenting at CoDev in beautiful La Jolla. This show brings together heavy hitters such as Kraft, Qualcomm and P&G, as well as lesser known organizations to share and discuss current open innovation practices. Open innovation is a key aspect in intellectual property, and this show enables attendees to meet potential partners and licensing candidates to improve their market share.

IP Strategy Summit: Monetization

We’ll attend this show for the first time in April, but based on the list of speakers and past attendees, we’re excited. The title says it all; this show is focused around extracting the most value out of one’s IP portfolio. Key topics include IP valuation, monetization models, running a licensing program, and building a monetization strategy. As far as attendees go, it’s more about quality than quantity. They typically have 100-200 attendees, but they represent key IP decision makers, as well as some high profile in-house counsels.

Consero’s General Counsel Forum

The Consero Group produces several high quality forums throughout the year, and the General Counsel Forum is no exception. One of the few events we’ve found that focuses on the growing importance of the GC role; this forum brings it with its quality attendees and workshops. Even though this event isn’t necessarily IP specific, the majority of GC’s here count IP as one of their main responsibilities and therefore, it is often a high priority topic of discussion.

Consero’s IP Management Forum

One of the few completely IP-focused events on our list, Consero’s IP Management Forum takes an unapologetic look at the key issues surrounding IP today. Whether it’s discussing the America Invents Act, patent troll protection strategies, or Chinese patent law, count on Consero to be on top of all the latest IP trends, as well as provide valuable insights on how to navigate the ever changing IP landscape.

LES Annual Meeting

One of the largest shows on the list, the Licensing Executive Society Annual Meeting boasts more than 1,000 attendees over a three day period jam packed with education sessions, networking events, and even a Tech Fair. Attendees span industry segments such as software and biotech to consumer and pharma, and their roles range from business development to R&D. This year’s theme, “Why IP Matters in Every Deal,” examines the growth and impact IP has had on business spanning from M&A, litigation, and of course, licensing.

American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

Much like Consero, the AIPLA hosts multiple regional events throughout the year, however, AIPLA events maintain a core IP focus. Attendees tend to vary depending on the region, but you can be sure that you’ll be rubbing elbows with the best and the brightest in IP law. Their flagship events, the Spring and Annual meetings, provide valuable CLE’s to attendees, as well as focus on IP topics that are important to clients.

World IP Business Congress (IPBC)

The IPBC has quickly established itself as the world’s principal forum for senior thought leaders in the IP business. This to-be-seen scene is hosted in various locations worldwide, and remains a who’s who in the IP World. Boasting speakers from leading organizations such as Reebok, MIT, and Intel, the IPBC crowd distinguishes itself as true thought leaders and navigators in the ever changing IP landscape.

Did we miss any? We’d love to hear what you think are the “can’t miss” shows related to IP. For a full list of where Innography is represented, visit our Events page.

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