World IP Day - Looking for the Next Innovation

by: Innography


World IP Day, sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) takes place on April 26th. The day is celebrated worldwide and was started as a way to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity.  World IP Day offers an opportunity for inventors to join with others around the globe to discuss and demonstrate how IP works to contribute to and drive innovation in our world.  This year's theme focuses on Creativity: The Next Generation.

Even a cursory examination of innovation trends shows that fresh ideas are coming from new and different places.  Start-ups are quickly changing the way the world communicates and works together.  Patent filings are rapidly growing in a wider range of geographies than ever before.  Innovators are bringing together ideas from an expanding array of disciplines.  What will the next generation of innovators bring to our swiftly changing world of patents? How can organizations stay competitive and stay ahead of the latest emerging trends in their field?  Is it possible to see what’s beyond the horizon?

The day also brings to mind the importance of looking past the horizon for the next innovation.  Forward thinking companies no longer expect to find the next generation of thinkers and ideas solely within their established networks.  Many now turn to Innography’s solutions to provide IP competitive intelligence and insight even before new products are announced.  Using Innography’s unique visualizations, innovators can view competitive landscapes, find emerging R&D trends, identify up-and-coming competitors in related technology spaces, and discover talented new inventors and opportunities.  This is possible because of Innography’s own innovative integration technology which correlates product, financial, technology standard and litigation information.

The world's IP system today fosters the innovation that will shape the lives of generations to come. The possibilities are limitless and only bound by our imaginations.  What will your contribution be? Share with us what you’ll be doing for World IP Day.

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