Are you optimizing your most valuable company assets?

Innography sponsored the LES (Licensing Executives Society) Annual meeting last week where 800+ IP professionals discussed why "IP Matters in Every Deal". Top of mind at the conference was patent litigation and the impact of key court decisions, the effects of standards, and pros/cons of increased patent troll activity.  While there were multiple perspectives on these topics, there was one area that IP executives unanimously agreed: Regardless of your organization's level of IP management maturity, you MUST have a clear strategy to protect, productize and monetize your most valuable IP.

So, do you have an IP strategy and if not, where should you start?  Some basic tenets include in-depth understanding of: 

  • The IP you own and its value, competitiveness, litigation risks, and licensing opportunities.
  • Your competitors' portfolios and their IP activities in each technology area
  • Your innovation strategy for each technology area - do you have freedom to operate, and do you build or buy or license?

There is much to consider and your company's future depends on getting it right. Innography understands that managing IP is far more involved than a simple patent search.  It's an analytical exercise correlating IP data with business data including financial, litigation, technology and product information.

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