Our Clients

3 of the top 5 companies in many industries use Innography for better answers to intellectual property questions.



Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Innography has new ways to solve my business problems at a cost that makes sense." - Fortune 100 Conglomerate

"The product itself is a life saver—it is wonderful to have a 'one-stop shopping' with this tool. It used to take me hours to search on specific data and now at the click on a button, I have it. The one-on-one support we receive is also exceptional." - Global Defense Company

"Innography is a one stop shop for detailed IP queries and the high level of detail we are able to provide. I also really like the business based approach to patents, this is not very common in most platforms. With Innography you can search from a micro level patent all the way up to a high level company overview. This is a key feature that is not common in many platforms we have looked at." - Fortune 100 Computer Hardware Manufacturer

"I have been able to quickly and effectively find IP of interest without the time and expense of going outside of our company. As just one example, I found an important piece of prior art that helped us in a litigation. It took me just 5 minutes to find the killer reference using Innography. Outside experts had not found the reference in a couple of weeks of searching." - Licensing Professional

"For my portfolio development work, I use the semantic search feature in Innography almost every day. My job is so much easier to do, and I am able to get it done so much faster than I did before." - Fortune 100 Software Company