A Buyer’s Guide for Selecting Patent Search and Analysis Software

7 feature areas to consider before making your choice

Interviews and meetings with hundreds of intellectual property professionals around the world have resulted in this cohesive guide to making a software decision for an IP business intelligence solution.

This guide will help you:

  • Think through what’s important to you, your team, and your organization
  • Identify core capabilities within the tool that you must have vs. those items that would be nice to have
  • Understand all the areas available within patent search and analysis software tools, enabling you to compare apples to apples and select the tool that best fits your needs
  • Rate your options based on the priorities you have set

Why read this guide – from Tyron Stading, IAM 300 Strategist and Innography Founder

Innography is excited to publish this seminal guide for making decisions for your patent search and analytics software. This guide is based upon hundreds, even thousands, of conversations that have occurred over the past year with leaders of IP strategy, users of patent data software systems, leaders of new product development, and executives receiving IP-data reports.

The barriers to entry are low in the IP software market – anyone can download patent documents from the patent offices, put them online, and call it a patent search tool.

Our mission with this guide is to help buyers of IP search and analytics software cut through the noise, in what looks like an industry filled with similar offerings, and help you to differentiate the options to identify the right products that will enable you to maximize your investment on IP.

Innography is unique in its industry in representing a new generation of patent analysis tools, applying big-data, analytics, cloud technologies, modern software development, and data-improvement techniques to answer questions better and faster. We have worked with proven industry leaders to generate the right results in the right way.  Innography only generates visuals that contribute to your effective decision-making. The translation of raw data into practical, tangible benefit is how the software was constructed from the ground up.  In the IP industry, the slightest detail could make the difference in million dollar lawsuits.

We recognize that it can be confusing for buyers to separate what they think they may be using once they’ve decided on a tool, and what they can actually do with the tool they’ve selected. IP continues to be a growing area of importance to businesses globally and we want you to feel confident that your needs, as well as the needs of your team and your organization are being fully met with an informed decision in this area.