Patent Case Studies

Featured: Innography Client Tries Low-Cost Solution, Comes Back to Innography


Client: Top-Five University Technology Transfer Office

Use Case: R&D, Licensing

Recently, Innography welcomed a top-tier university back to our client community. In 2013, a new administrator decided to save money with a low-cost patent search tool. After a year of user complaints and almost no usage of the low-cost tool, the University performed an in-depth evaluation and decided to return to Innography with an even larger investment and new opinions on ROI.

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Empowering the Enterprise with IP Data

Industry: Diversified Technology and Manufacturing Company

Use Case: Competitive Intelligence, R&D

Amy Davis leads the global knowledge and master data services team for a leading diversified technology and manufacturing firm. The company came to use Innography when they switched from a competing product for a number of reasons: chiefly pricing, semantic searching, and the visualizations.

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Johnson Controls: Guiding Inventors to the Right Innovations

Industry: Diversified Industrial Technology 

Use Case: Prior Art Search

Prior art searching helps make R&D departments more efficient and reduces wasted analysis time. Jorg Warmuth’s goal is to identify prior art for Johnson Controls’ complex markets so inventors can focus on developing the right inventions for the business.

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Materion Corporation Creates Value Throughout the IP Lifecycle

Client: Materion Corporation

Use Case: IP Lifecycle

As the IP landscape is changing, Materion Corporation is changing to meet it. “Materion has traditionally been a trade secret company,” explained Dr. Ian Tribick, President of Materion’s Large Area Coatings business unit. “But, we are evolving, especially since the America Invents Act went into effect in March 2013, there has been an increased focus on IP within the organization.

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Shore Chan Helps Universities Realize the Value of their IP

Client: Shore Chan DePumpo LLP

Use Cases: Licensing, Litigation, Acquisition Due Diligence, Competitive Intelligence

Shore Chan DePumpo LLP provides patent services to Universities and inventors worldwide to help them understand and monetize their inventions. In a vast portfolio, like those held by many universities, this can be a daunting task, one requiring subject matter expertise in dozens or possibly hundreds of technology areas.

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Keeping Pace in Fast Moving Industries

Industry: Biotechnology

Use Cases: Technology Scouting, Competitive Intelligence, Acquisition Due Diligence

The pace of innovation in the biotechnology sector is rapid and accelerating. In such a fast-moving industry, it’s critical to quickly find and analyze new technologies, competitors and acquisition targets based on the quality of their intellectual property. That’s exactly what our client does on a daily basis so the organization can make informed and fast business decisions.

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The One-Man IP-Powered Enterprise

Client: Innovator in Automotive Plastics

Use Cases: Strategy, Prior Art Search, Competitive Intelligence, Supplier Sourcing

If you’ve ever ridden in a car, you’ve experienced this client’s automotive products. As the sole IP professional for his organization, our client is a busy man. Before finding Innography, he outsourced prior art searches, used free tools, and sent more projects to outside counsel.

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Fortune 1000 Company Relies on Innography for Powerful Analysis

Industry: Fortune 1000 Company

Use Cases: Strategy, Filing, Acquisitions

In this well-known Fortune 1000 software company, the Patent Program Manager manages the IP portfolio throughout the entire lifecycle. He explained that his role encompasses filing, strategy, budget and forecasting, investigations, and much more. Innography is the tool he relies on for analysis.

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Why Innography? Top Technology Firm Gets Better Answers, Faster

Industry: Fortune 1000 Technology Company

Use Case: IP Lifecycle

This Innography client says Innography is useful throughout the entire IP lifecycle. He says Innography’s biggest impact is the time savings.

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High Volume Prior Art Search

Industry: Fortune 500 Food Products Company

Use Case: Prior Art Search

When potentially investing millions of dollars and years into R&D, it’s important to conduct prior art searches, understand the competitive landscape and research potential suppliers to identify the best options. This client, with more than 30 years in IP analysis, was seeking a user-friendly tool that would support the high volume of research he needs to conduct for a large scientific community.

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Global Fortune 500 Personal Technology Firm Decides on Innography

Industry: Global Fortune 500 Technology Company

Use Cases: Licensing, Competitive Intelligence, IP Lifecycle

This early exposure to Innography led the Director of IP Acquisition to become a champion for the product, “Most of my coworkers were patent engineers and people who were looking to review patent portfolios. So, when I came into my current role and we needed a tool, I looked at what was available and it was a fairly simple choice.” They decided on Innography and have been “very happy” with the decision.

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Optimizing the Invention Review Process

Industry: Industrial Engines and Turbines

Use Cases: Prior Art Search, Invention Review, Maintenance Evaluations

This client serves as the Chair of his organization’s Invention Review Committee. Using Innography’s semantic search, combined with keyword refinement, he’s confident that he has captured the critical prior art to make a determination if his organization should pursue a particular invention.

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Real-Time Patentability - A Differentiator for Discovery IP Law

Industry: Legal Services, Angel Investing

Use Cases: Patentability, Competitive Intelligence, Investment Due Diligence, Invalidation

Some law firms submit patent applications on behalf of their clients and let the PTO determine novelty. An inventor might spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, only to be denied a patent. A member of the Central Texas Angel Network believes that an inventor should know up-front what his or her chances of securing a patent are before they make the investment. Using Innography, he can do this.

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