IP Lifecycle

At Innography, when we look at intellectual property, we look at the life of a patent and build features for the full lifecycle into our solutions. We do this to help you maximize the ROI of your intellectual property, facilitate project sharing and reduce your overall cost of IP analysis solutions.

Innography Advanced Analysis is designed to help:

  • R&D conduct patent landscaping, assess freedom to operate and create strong disclosures.
  • Portfolio Managers create good licensing opportunities and make sound maintenance decisions.
  • Litigation Specialists find infringers, invalidate assertions and mitigate risk.
  • Competitive Intelligence professionals understand emerging and incumbent competitors
  • Everyone else in the organization that needs a private patent search engine
  • Finance to make good acquisition decisions.

Throughout the lifecycle, Innography provides stellar support, professional services and the industry’s most robust features for every type of intellectual property or patent searcher.