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Competitive Intelligence Using Intellectual Property

Innography gives you crucial competitive information including a full understanding of your organization’s market position, market strength, and weaknesses. Innography enables you to create useful, competitive landscapes that give an accurate view of patent ownership. By also integrating litigation, product, and technology standards into the analysis, Innography's patent search enhances the ability to understand what your competitors are doing and expands views of the market landscape, helping discovery of new and emerging competitors and opportunities.

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Intellectual Property Licensing

Our proprietary algorithm, PatentStrength™, aids in patent licensing by ranking patents along 12 different criteria that determine how valuable a patent is in the marketplace. In minutes, you can identify the most target-rich areas of a portfolio, prioritize the assets within those portfolios, generate lists of potential licensing leads, and qualify those that are strong licensing candidates.

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Intellectual Property Strategies

Innography helps track, monitor, and protect IP investments through key IP strategy features such as market landscapes, to determine relevant positioning and portfolio comparisons for setting direction. By having a complete view of patents with correlated financial, litigation, and other key business data, Innography is able to help address the many aspects of planning a patent strategy and its management, while providing real-time insight to support more confident, informed decisions.

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Intellectual Property Litigation

Innography correlates IP litigation data with patents to get a complete view of trends and threats for litigation purposes, to support key decisions, and substantially reduce associated costs. Innography enables legal counsel to anticipate and respond to infringement claims quickly, by updating new patent infringement cases daily and correlating that with the litigation parties and technologies at issue. This allows your organization to perform historical analysis of litigation by technology, company, or patent and to receive alerts on how the landscape is changing.

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Innovation and Patentability

Innography is particularly helpful to technology and patent research teams looking to identify a niche to be filled with new technology. As a technology innovator, you can quickly define and explore technology landscapes, find patented technologies, and mine for connections, enablers, and adjacencies, which can accelerate the process of uncovering new opportunities for development.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Innography enables M&A teams to perform in-depth company analysis that can mean the difference between success and failure in patent monetization deals. By correlating patents with corporate financial records and key industry data, Innography gives you the ability to view patents by category, filter by revenues, and quickly narrow results using other business metrics. With intuitive visualizations, Innography graphically depicts meaningful financial, competitive, licensing, and other business landscapes.

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Optimizing your Licensing Program with PatentStrength™ and CustomStrength™

With intuitive business visualizations, Innography’s advanced patent search capabilities graphically depict meaningful financial, competitive, licensing, and other business landscapes. Innography’s proprietary algorithm, PatentStrength™, aids in licensing by ranking patents along 12 different criteria that determine how valuable a patent is in the marketplace. 

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University Technology Transfer

Identifying, evaluating and effectively implementing the best commercialization strategies continues to be a key challenge for University technology managers. Innography correlates patents with corporate financial records and key industry data, helping intellectual property management professionals identify and qualify licensing candidates and evaluate which companies to approach first. 

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