On-Demand Webinar: What You Can Learn from Patent Trolls

No matter which side of the troll bridge you stand on, one thing's for certain, Patent Trolls have perfected the art of monetizing patent portfolios.

Trolls, otherwise known as non-practicing entities (NPEs), have made IP management their sole focus, and other companies with portfolios big and small can learn a thing or two from how these entities operate.

By focusing on what can be learned from patent trolls, companies can better manage and exploit their IP portfolios in order for them to become true business centers in their organizations. In this webinar, "What You Can Learn from Patent Trolls", litigation, licensing and financial professionals learn to:

  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses in your IP portfolio
  • Identify prospective licensing partners and spot potential infringers
  • Understand the patent landscape of your particular industry
  • Know what patents you own and what value should be attached to them

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