Outsell Insights: Patent Analytics Solutions That Help Inventors Invent

By Hugh Logue, Outsell Director & Lead Analyst

Learn how inventors will soon be able to incorporate patent information solutions earlier in the IP Lifecycle, eliminating the need to “go back to the drawing board” after months of effort.

Outsell Analyst, Hugh Logue, discusses two solutions efforts currently being tested in the market place whose main goal is to corral good ideas which are unique and viable in the landscape, helping inventors do what they do best - invent!

Download this paper to learn:

  • Why the incorporation of patent information solutions in the ideation (concept) phase is growing
  • How two solutions systems currently being beta-tested, provided by Aulivia (Aulive) and IdeaScout (Innography) aim to meet this need
  • Implications of providing ROI at earlier stages of the patent process and lifecycle