Patent Market Tracker 2016 Key Trends Report

The year-end PMT report covers US patent purchases and sales for the second half of 2016, revealing an additional drop on top of the six months prior. 

As less than 15% of the patent purchase records from the USPTO are true company transfers, Patent Market Tracker cleans and organizes the data set and combines 12 different algorithms and filters to uncover trends and concrete transactions.

The overall trends of the Patent Market Tracker 2016 Key Trends report shows patent transfers at their lowest since 2013.

The report gives some reasons why this may be the case. Then it dives deep into all the details surrounding the year’s biggest buyers and sellers, including:

  • Which sectors experienced patent transfer declines and increases
  • An overview of patent acquisitions by industry sector
  • Top acquisitions in the Chemistry and Physics and Medical, Health, Biology, and Drug segments
  • The split of the Hewlett-Packard Company into two publically-traded companies