Innography’s PatentIQ

Communicate IP data to stakeholders dynamically

PatentIQ® empowers leaders across the corporation to make effective business decisions utilizing dynamic intellectual property information. Communicating IP data to stakeholders across the enterprise is a vital part of the process for any IP-powered company. The process can be time consuming for those delivering the reports, taking hours and days to create, and then the data is out of date the moment you have shared it.

PatentIQ delivers data dynamically, meaning that reports remain current once created, and readers can access their organization’s IP status, patent search results, competitive intelligence, and more, on the device of their choice, from desktop computers to smart phones, with any browser.

Advanced Analysis users can create as many PatentIQ dashboards as they want and share them in just a few clicks. Readers may be added or deleted at any time, making the entire data-sharing system simple to manage. When sharing a dashboard with multiple readers, questions that are answered regarding the data are immediately shared with all subscribers to the dashboard.