Keeping up with the Evolution of Technology with IP Data

As an IP professional, in the business of innovation, you know the importance of both speed and accuracy in staying competitive in your industry.

Both are extremely difficult, if not impossible, using a manual approach to get the data and insights you need. Leveraging spreadsheets is neither efficient or scalable and creates more questions about the accuracy and validity of your analysis. Worse than that, it exposes you and your company to vulnerabilities and mistakes that could cost millions.

There’s a better way.

View this interactive discussion with Peter Moeykens, Director of Technology and Innovation at Pitney Bowes, Inc., and Maneesha Joshi, Data Scientist at Innography, to learn how new technologies and high-quality data are moving the mapping industry and other technology industries forward.

  • Value of high-quality data versus the risk of low-quality data
  • Evolution of innovation in the navigation space
  • How to mine data into information gold
  • Tips for distilling insights to stakeholders, increasing productivity and impacting day-to-day business decisions