How innovative are they?

Using intellectual property data to investigate the world’s top five most innovative companies.

Using six predefined metrics, this study taps into the power of intellectual property (IP) intelligence software to weigh the top five companies on Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies 2016 list to determine if they’re really all that innovative, to what extent they are or aren’t innovative, and what other truths can be exposed when you look behind the curtain to see what’s really there.

This study explores how one may use IP Intelligence software to uncover actual—and not just perceived—insight into any competitor by closely analyzing different aspects of their patent portfolio.

Get the study to see how IP Intelligence software can give you an objective perspective into just about anything IP-related to help you:

  • Get a realistic view into a company or technology as it currently stands and where it looks to be headed
  • Look at the situation based on metrics important to your current needs
  • Make confident decisions rooted in hard data
  • Identify strong patents with high monetization opportunities via licensing or selling

The results showed strengths and weaknesses for each company across the different metrics, as well as a generally high level of innovation for four of the five companies.