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Why Working Together is a Good Idea

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Patent Market Trends

Impact to IP Valuation and Tactics to Optimize Your IP Portfolio

Whether you are managing an in-house patent portfolio, engaged in M&A deals involving IP assets, or a startup looking to secure funding, this webinar on-demand is for you.

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Patent Alchemy

Turning Your Patent Portfolio into a Goldmine

Organizations that embrace a more sophisticated IP approach are able to make their intellectual property work for them across the entire IP lifecycle, as well as discover new opportunities to drive value from their entire IP portfolio — in any economic climate.

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Patent Reform

Impact to Your Corporate IP Strategy in 2017

In this thought-provoking discussion, understand the implication of patent reform in 2017 and the role it plays in IP corporate strategies, day-to-day patent practice and business decisions.

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The Million Dollar Risk

How Bad Data Leads to Bad Decisions

Imagine you just recently acquired a fitness technology company for upwards of $150 million and shortly thereafter you are sued by your biggest competitor over alleged willful infringement of 10 of their patents.

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Going Digital and The Rise of Internet of Things (IoT)

Impact on Intellectual Property in the Interoperable World

These days it is difficult to peruse the popular media, business periodicals and legal journals without reading about businesses undergoing a “digital transformation” and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Strategies for Strategic IP Analysis

Make Decisions, Showcase Data, and Deliver Value

Learn how to distill analysis to your boss and make day-to-day decisions on issues for your target user-audience.

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Create Big Value from Big Data

Competitive Intelligence vs. In-House Intelligence

Reach Beyond the IP Department & Shape Boardroom Strategy

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Samsung vs. Apple

Is A Single Patent Infringement Worth all the Profit? 

Join us for a riveting and enlightening discussion with IP industry expert, Gene Quinn, and Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and Editor of The Mac Observer

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Patent Valuation

Join industry experts, Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney & President of IPWatchdog, and Ashley C. Keller, Managing Director & Co-founder of Gerchen Keller Capital, for some much needed insight and foresight into the current state of patent valuation.

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Strategic Patent Analysis

Three Must-Know Strategies for Using Patent Information

Fortune 50 Chief IP Counsel Discusses the Role on Business Decisions

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Competitive Intelligence 

Use Multiple Techniques and Big Data Analytics to Find Insights

Patent data is one of the richest sources of information on your top competitors.

Whether you are a seasoned IP professional or a business professional looking to better understand the intentions of your competitors, view this webinar recording to uncover steps you can take to leverage patent data for competitive intelligence.

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Portfolio Licensing 

Key Licensing Opportunities Based on Pre-Existing Patents – Tips and Tricks for Your Analysis

Looking to divest some of your patents? Who is most likely to have an appetite for patents like yours and what is the best way to make your case and deliver results?

Discover the kinds of tools and techniques more than 350 companies across industries and geographies are leveraging to drive ROI.

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Savvy Searching

Use Multiple Techniques and Big Data Analytics to Find Insights

Stop second-guessing your work and gain comprehensive findings with an approach that allows you to start broad and refine your results.

Learn how savvy searchers leverage not only public patent data, but also business, financial, and internal data to simplify the search process.

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Prior Art Searching

Mine Prior Art from Patents – Attack the Problem from Multiple Angles

All methods of prior art searching have inherent limitations. As a practitioner, how do you mitigate these limitations?

Learn how to work smarter; not harder by leveraging two primary tools: Semantic Searching and Keyword Searching in your survey for the appropriate mix of relevant Prior Art.

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How to Avoid Pitfalls & Better Communicate Results

Professional patent analysts and consultants invest considerable effort in preparing accurate and insightful analyses. However, generally less effort is expended in the presentation and communication of the output to its intended audience. This can have a detrimental effect on the impact of that work – effectively neutralizing it. How can you ensure the output of your work is useful, more impactful, and worthwhile?

Listen to understand the pitfalls of analysis presentation and how to approach the presentation of your work so that it is engaging and speaks better to the reader — not the data.

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Yahoo! Patent Portfolio Bid

4 Things You Need to Know Right Now

Yahoo! is selling an intellectual property portfolio involving about 3,000 patents and patent applications. What does a transaction of this magnitude mean to the patent marketplace?

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Intellectual Property Management 

Consequences of the ‘Old’ Approach in a Data-Driven Era

More than 80% of a company’s valuation comes from its intangible assets*, the majority of which is of Intellectual Property (IP). Despite this dramatic shift in the role of IP, many companies are missing critical opportunities because they have yet to evolve the way they think about IP management in their organization.

Watch this webinar to learn how to become a data-driven IP organization that is effective at managing, analyzing and maintaining IP.

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Patent Strategies

4 Key Things Executives Need to Consider

What are the most relevant insights that can be derived from patent analytics? CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and General Counsels make many decisions every day, but do they have the most relevant information to make decisions regarding patents and innovation? During this exclusive on demand webinar, industry experts, Gene Quinn and James Pooley focused on the business implications of patents and innovation. They discussed the information decision-makers need to have and why.

Learn what insights every executive has access to through patent analyses, but might not be using effectively in their business decisions in this webinar. 

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Using Non-Patent Literature (NPL) to Improve Patent Quality

The task of sifting through repositories of prior art to locate the closest reference is time-consuming and challenging. Patent examiners who are spread out across a number of different sets of claims tend to favor references they are familiar with because they do not have the benefit of an examination process in which search is bifurcated from examination. Not to mention, a large percentage of applicants are expected to drop out after search. The EPO, which is recognized as setting the standard when it comes to patent quality, uses a very different process for generating prior search. Still, US patents can benefit from the EPO's processes when the same case is prosecuted in the US and in EPO. 

In this webinar, renowned Law Professor and former White House Senior Advisor, Colleen Chien revealed techniques she has developed.

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Competitive Intelligence

Using IP Data to Find Hidden Answers

"Know thy-self, know thy competition, and get it right almost every time." – Chinese Proverb

Competitive Intelligence differs from data and information since it requires some form of analysis upon which insights can be gleaned and decisions can be made. Taking a look at competitive intelligence from the IP perspective will uncover the unknown.

Do you want a competitive advantage?

View this webinar on-demand to learn what approaches can be taken to really understand what is happening out there in your market and for products within your category. Discover specific tactics for utilizing the rich set of data available within patents and the types of decisions you can make with this data.

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Patent System

Will the Pendulum Swing Back Towards Patent Owners?

Part II in the "Patent Masterminds: An Innography Series" Hosted by Gene Quinn

Over the past 10 years, the patent law pendulum has been swinging with increasing speed, and in a decidedly anti-patent direction. As we approach the second anniversary of the monumental Supreme Court decision in Alice v. CLS Bank, has the patent system reached a turning point? The Supreme Court has heard oral arguments in Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc. (14-1513) and Stryker Corporation v. Zimmer, Inc. (14-1520) and patent litigation is again on the increase. While no one seems ready to declare that a market bottom has been reached, a sense of optimism has returned to the patent market and experts agree it is time to start buying selectively again. As part of our Patent Mastermind Series, Gene Quinn was joined by Rudolph Telscher , a partner with Harness Dickey & Pierce who represented Octane Fitness at the Supreme Court, and Robert Rauker, CEO of Medicinus IP and former Senior Vice President of Acacia Research to discuss whether we are close to an inflection point.

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Patent Landscaping

Instantly Understand Any Technology Space

Patent Landscaping is a technique for dissecting and examining broad technology areas. It’s useful for finding white space to explore and is also an important technique for identifying how specific companies make patent choices. Download this session and learn about different patent landscape approaches and how to make informed strategic decisions throughout the IP lifecycle, such as R&D investment, freedom to operate for launching new products, and technology partner identification. 

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Cuozzo Challenges Inter Partes Review - So What?

Part I in the "Patent Masterminds: An Innography Series" Hosted by Gene Quinn

While Inter Partes Review (IPR) post grant proceedings may have had the best intentions, there have been numerous concerns raised against a procedure that has been viewed by many as uniquely slanted against the patent owner. Just recently, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee, a case that will require the Court to address pertinent questions associated with Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings and could fundamentally alter the IPR system. Several objections have lead commentators to question the fairness of IPR proceedings and whether due process is being afforded to patent owners. As part of our Patent Mastermind Series Gene Quinn hosted a live webinar to discuss the current state of IPR, review the current statistics and trends of IPRs, and what the Supreme Court hearing this case means for the future of the IPR proceedings.

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Use the IP Maturity Model to Effectively Manage IP

Innography's IP Maturity Model helps organizations capture more value from intellectual property by optimizing processes across the IP lifecycle.

In this recording, we discussed what Innography's IP Maturity Model includes and walked through the steps to assess your organization's current stage. Gain an understanding of the process and how defining your current state and future goals will streamline R&D, licensing decisions, litigation management, and acquisitions. 

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Top 5 Techniques for Software Patent Applications Post-Alice 

Filing patent applications requires a great deal of information to overcome the numerous hurdles that currently stand between the applicant and a viable issued patent. Patent professionals and innovators are left to figure out how to responsibly move forward. In this exclusive webinar, three of the top industry experts discussed 5 of the best techniques for drafting software patent applications post-Alice.

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Software Patent Eligibility

Where is the Industry Heading?

Patent attorneys and innovators struggle to understand what needs to be done to obtain and defend patent claims. Companies invest in R&D with the expectation of future revenue, yet the entire lifecycle of innovation is at risk. In this webinar, our group of expert panelists explored what's happening with software patent eligibility, how to best navigate the uncertainties, and where the industry is heading. 

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Evolve or Perish

Legal Tech at the Center of Patent Darwinism

Leaders in intellectual property (IP) have multiple theories regarding the future evolution of patents, from those who think filing patents has lower returns than ever to those who are looking for reforms to enhance the IP landscape. How can we create low cost, highly effective IP management strategies? The answer to transitioning your IP from a cost center to a revenue generator might be legal technology. In this webinar, our group of expert panelists explored what's happening today with legal technology and how it can move IP operations from a cost center to a revenue generator.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership

What IP Professionals Need to Know

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal agreement includes significant implications for intellectual property professionals. In this webinar, four leading industry experts joined Innography to provide an overview of the agreement and divulge the impact points for IP professionals. 

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Using Visualizations to Find and Present Insight 

Visualizations allow you to “see” information in a different way and tell a compelling story behind IP data. Exclusively from Innography's Customer Insights Event, we delved into Innography’s powerful visualization creation functionality and how to get the most from those capabilities. 

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The Patent Assertion Entity Challenge

Expert Panel, Open Discussion

Joined by UBER, LOT Network, KHAN Academy, and the Law Offices of David Balto, our distinguished panel discussed the challenges and techniques for managing and mitigating Patent Assertion Entity (PAE) risk in today’s businesses. They delved into the PAE issue, reviewed trends and the impact of recent regulations. 

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Inter Partes Review, Proposed Changes, and the Controversial Implications of the Kyle Bass Petitions

According to the Patent Stature, "[a] person who is not the owner of a patent may file a patent to institute an inter partes review (IPR) of the patent. The lack of standing requirements to initiate an IPR has lead to an unanticipated, novel strategy conceived by hedge fund manager Kyle Bass. Critics of Bass say he is abusing the IPR process for financial gain, something the statute did not intend. Join webinar host Gene Quinn, Editor of IPWatchdog.com and guests Erich Spangenberg, who some have described as “the most notorious patent troll in America” and Q. Todd Dickinson, former Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and current partner at Novak, Druce.

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Transforming Intangible Assets into Tangible Profits

A deep dive discussion on the proper balance between imagination, vision and technical feasibility with Patent Attorney and Founder of IPWatchdog.com, Gene Quinn, and IP business strategists Ron Laurie, David Pridham and Jin Kim. Corporations that must answer to shareholders do not have the luxury of blind pursuit of innovation without having a reasonable anticipation of success. For that reason corporate decision makers tend to stay well grounded, typically pursuing innovation only after examining practicality, workability and production costs. Of course, by its very nature innovation requires at least some imagination, a vision for the future and risk taking. The key, however, is to have the right proportions of each, which is easier said than done.

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Freedom-to-Operate Misnomer

Methods of Providing an Opportunity Analysis

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analysis has always been used as a valuable role in IP strategy because it allows a company to identify, minimize, and manage risk while identifying areas where patent coverage is absent. However, there are many misnomers because of the searching limitations. It is important to understand that FTO analysis does not guarantee your safety from being sued. In this webinar, Attorney & Partner at Cesari & Reed, LLC., Michael Reed, and Sr. Data Expert at Innography, Maneesha Joshi, showed alternatives you can begin to utilize right away to gain an upfront advantage. 

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Four Tactics for Monetizing Innovation in Your Portfolio

From early stage innovation to creating new opportunities, there are many options to monetize innovation across your patent portfolio. In this webinar, we focused on four tactics for monetizing your innovation given the changes in the law over the last several years. Founder of ipwatchdog.com, Gene Quinn, was joined by Founder & Managing Principal at Soryn IP Group, Michael Gulliford, Principal & Head of Technology and Innovation at Soryn IP Group, Fatih Ozluturk, and Sr. Data Expert at Innography, Maneesha Joshi to facilitate a tactical discussion around monetization and analyze a technology area from three distinct points of view.

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Industry Experts Webinar

Supreme Court Impact on Patent Management Decisions, Including Q&A with the Experts

Over the last several years, the United States Supreme Court has become extremely active in the area of patent law. They have made decisions on a number of cases that have significantly altered the patent landscape. Listen to this lively Q&A with expert panelists:  U.S. Patent Attorney, Gene Quinn, Intellectual Property Trailblazer, Teresa Rea, and CEO of MedicinusIP, LLC., Robert Rauker.

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Surviving Alice in the Age of Software Innovation 

In June 2014, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Alice v. CLS Bank, setting off a whirlwind reaction. A unanimous decision held that the software patent claims in the case were drawn to a patent-ineligible abstract idea, and thus they were not eligible for a patent under Section 101. Alice has since been used to reject patent claims as being patent ineligible by the Federal Circuit, numerous district courts, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), and patent examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The uncertainty around the Alice decision is perhaps best exemplified by the diamterically opposing opinions reached by the Federal Circuit in Ultramercial andDDR HoldingsListen to US Patent Attorney Gene Quinn during this free Q&A and discussion on the effects of Alice. You'll learn how you can draft claims differently to help ensure patent eligibility, identify patents that will not be negatively impacted, and respond to rejections based on Alice.

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The Art of Patent Dealmaking

Innography welcomes Gene Quinn, US Patent Attorney and Founder, IPWatchdog, Tim Schnurr, COO, ICAP Patent Brokerage, and Tyron Stading,Founder and President, Innography to host the upcoming webinar, "The Art of Patent Dealmaking." 

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The United States Patent Utility 

Discovering Needles in the Innovation Haystack

Patent Properties recently launched The United States Patent Utility, a disruptive licensing solution for the mass market of patent owners and users. Listen to Jay Walker, Executive Chairman and Lead Inventor, along with Vice Chairman and CEO Jon Ellenthal and Innography President and Founder Tyron Stading share more about innovation and staying ahead of your competition by tapping into the greatest library of technical knowledge -- America's over two million patents.

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Licensing Patents Outside Core Spaces

Program Development from Diverse Portfolios

The webinar covers basic considerations and decisions for planning, executing, and managing assertion program development. We use a notional wearable computing company with a portfolio synthesized from real patents as a teaching vehicle.

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The Ramifications of a Political Patent System

Featuring Gene Quinn Founder of IP Watchdog, Retired Judge Paul R. Michel, and Senior Licensing Executive Richard Baker, this discussion touches on some controversial topics including if the Supreme Court has gotten too political, the implications of SCOTUS decisions, and what the reality of the patent licensing business looks like in these turbulent political times.

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Competitive Intelligence & Tactics

Novel Techniques and Data Sources

Join Innography's Esmaeil Khaksari as he conducts an analysis of Facebook's strategic direction, using new techniques and data sources taken straight from Innography's research and development laboratories. 

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Harvesting Intangible Assets

Join Andrew Sherman, best-selling author of “Harvesting Intangible Assets” and Partner at Jones Day, and learn how some of the world’s leading companies uncover hidden revenue in their intellectual property and train their leaders to more effectively create value from their patent portfolios. Learn how companies large or small can leverage their intellectual property through improved strategies, licensing programs, and innovation.

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Practitioner's Guide to Portfolio Strategies to Drive IP Monetization

Join Innography Senior Sales Engineer Jennifer Gallagher and Noelle Lowrie, Principal at Lowrie Information Consulting as they teach best practices for setting patent search goals, identifying which patents or technologies to monetize, selecting the right kind of strategy and licensing models for monetization, and looking ahead to find the best potential targets for your portfolio.

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Practitioner's Guide to Defending Against Patent Trolls

Featuring IP & Patent Counsel of Juniper Networks, Archana Bhuta

Utilizing defense methods such as joint defense groups, patent aggregators, and joint representation are crucial to successfully mitigating the risk and cost of litigation associated with patent trolls. This webinar covers various strategies for defending against patent trolls including third party patent aggregators, joint defense groups, best practices for building a solid response strategy, and methods for conducting IP due diligence before litigation.  

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