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Featured: Supercharging Ideas: Analytics for R&D

The more we advance, the more there is to navigate, and the harder it is to discover new patentable ideas. Considering new players in any given field, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies, your environment has changed. Those who want to win need to evolve, too. Analytics can help get new ideas to market more quickly.

This white paper shows how analytics powers the insights and data needed to keep up in today’s supercharged, super-competitive IP world.

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Patent Search

History, Methods, and Tools to Find Better Results

To perform a Patent Search in the 21st Century is to incorporate the historical bases for patent search with the modern technological advances in analysis that have come to define our age. What was once a gargantuan effort simply to discover prior art, current owners, and original inventors, patent search can now provide all this information, as well as facilitate competitive business decisions by providing analysis all along the IP Lifecycle, in record amounts of time.

Read this paper to better understand Patent Search, including the why’s, the how’s, and the where’s, with examples highlighting the weaknesses of conventional Keyword Patent Search as compared to the cunningly superior Semantic Patent Search.

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Competitive Intelligence

Patent Market Tracker TM 2016 Key Trends Report

Back in September, we released our mid-year Patent Market Tracker (PMT) report for 2016, which revealed a significant drop in US patent transfers from January 1 through June 30, compared to the prior six-month period (among many other telling findings). How did the rest of the year shape up? Find out in our 2016 year-end PMT report, available here.  

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Patent Market Tracker Mid-Year 2016 Key Trends

Last year, Innography launched its inaugural Patent Market TrackerTM (PMT) report, a twice-yearly analysis of the key trends and market conditions driving the patent marketplace, including which technologies were transferred and key players selling and buying patents. Download this free report that covers the first half of 2016. 

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Patent Market Tracker™: 2016 Annual Patent Trends

Innography’s latest Patent Market Tracker report tracks the movers and shakers from the second half of 2015. The report details a continuing trend in US patent sales, along with major movements within semiconductor-related patents, as well as wireless and communications patents. 

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Patent Market Tracker ™ Fall 2015 Key Trends

Innography’s Patent Market Tracker provides the cleanest, and most timely US patent assignment data available. The Fall 2015 report details several trends such as increases in patent purchases in the chemicals, computer hardware and electronics sectors. LinkedIn was the most active in the period, purchasing almost 800 U.S. patents and applications.

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Competitive Surveillance Report: Facebook

Companies require competitive intelligence for the purposes of benchmarking, identifying threats and opportunities, and making informed strategic decisions. Patent literature remains the best competitive intelligence source in terms of cost, depth, reliability, and timeliness.

Download this paper to see a real-life example (yes, the data is current and accurate) of a competitive surveillance report in action. Imagine that you believe Facebook is your competitor, what could you possibly learn about them from patent data?

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Industry Trends

How innovative are they?

Using intellectual property data to investigate the world’s top five most innovative companies.

Get the study to see how IP Intelligence software can give you an objective perspective into just about anything IP-related

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Outsell Insights- Patent Information Market, Market Performance Report

Outsell Analyst, Hugh Logue, takes a fresh look at the patent information market, covering two sub-segments that are increasingly converging: patent research and analytics solutions, and patent portfolio management software that have integrated research and/or analytics information.

“The competitive landscape of the patent information market has changed significantly in the last three years.”

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Portfolio Management: Benchmarking the Industry

Best practices in patent portfolio management are dependent on a number of factors, including the industry, technology, company, and personal risk tolerance. But by examining historical behavior, it is possible to find some commonalities among them that provide good general rules to go by. For instance, how much is normally retained as active and how much is let go? 

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Who Will Own the Future of the Auto Industry?

Innovation is prevalent in the automotive industry. In the past, it relied heavily on mechanics and engineering. Today’s automotive research and development efforts focus on the kind of technology that has the potential to shift all the players within the entire industry.

Tapping into the power of the Innovation Intelligence Services team from CPA Global, this paper tracks the movement of talent between the auto and IT industries to predict possible outcomes: Will they duke it out? Join forces? One thing’s for sure, no one is going to back down.

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World IP Review: Creating Big Value from Big Data

New technologies enabling predictive analysis of big data provide IP professionals with a platform for better decision-making and vastly improved efficiencies. Tyron Stading, president and founder of Innography, spoke to WIPR. 

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Outsell Insights: Patent Analytics Solutions That Help Inventors Invent

Outsell Analyst, Hugh Logue, discusses the growing number of patent solutions that focus on the ideation stage of the patent lifecycle, including recent solution beta testing as performed by Aulive and Innography.

“Solutions that serve the ideation stage fit with professional services that advise clients on innovation”

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Outsell Insights: Changing of the Guard in the Patent Information Market

Outsell Analyst, Hugh Logue, assesses the patent information market, including recent changes with key players including Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, CPA Global and Innography.

“What is certain is that we are at the dawn of a new generation of IP information providers”

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Biologics Industry Analysis: Potential Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a controversial free trade agreement between twelve Pacific Rim countries, one of which is the United States. One of its more controversial provisions, if ratified, could have a significant impact on the biologics industry. This paper reviews the provision, assesses how it may affect the biologics industry, and then examines in more detail the patenting history of the top biologics companies in the world.

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IP Markets China: Change, Opportunity, and Risk

Understanding the IP Landscape in China: China is one of the top countries globally for patent applications. Any company interested in filing patents in China needs to be aware of the ins and outs of how their system works: legal frameworks, top filers, the role of government incentives, and more.

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Technology Trends

Intellectual Property Lawyering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (The Internet of Things)

These days it is difficult to peruse the popular media, business periodicals and legal journals without reading about businesses undergoing a “digital transformation” and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). This hype, according to one commentator, has been unmatched in the popular press since the Y2K bug! In fact, one of this year’s prominent topics at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – the annual forum attended by “the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas” – was what is termed “the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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Intelligence Report: The Literal Reality of Augmented Reality Gaming

Augmented Reality Gaming on mobile devices is a relatively new but upcoming space, with steadily increasing patent filings. The Intellectual Property (IP) is distributed between high-tech companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Alphabet, and entertainment/consumer electronics companies like Sony and Nintendo.

Powered by Innography’s Advanced Analysis platform, this sample report by the Innovation Intelligence Services team dissects, sizes up, and visually simplifies the complicated augmented reality gaming on mobile devices space— focusing on three main areas: top companies, technology trends, and new inventions.

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Robot Innovation: Surprising Trends Behind the IP of Autonomous Robot Technology

Autonomous robots are disrupting large industries and propelling the development of entirely new product lines – from self-driving cars, to farming and mining machines, to manufacturing and domestic robots. IDC projects the robotics market will reach $135 billion by 2019, with two-thirds of purchases coming from Asia.

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It’s Rocket Science: How Manned Spaceflight is the New Frontier of Innovation

In this free report CPA Global, the world’s leading Intellectual Property management and technology company, applies an analysis of patent information to uncover intelligence within the specific industry sector of manned spaceflight.

This sector has seen incredible technical advancements and fundamental, systemic changes as the private sector enters commercial spaceflight.

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Patent Search in the Third Age

Patent search techniques have come a long way. What was once a tedious, back-office search for prior art has now become the primary focus of business development within various divisions, organizations, and industries across the globe. Search techniques have evolved along with the technology on which they are based, exposing the restraints and limitations of basic keyword search. Third Age patent search is highly contextual, connects multiple data sets, automatically links patents to other information, prioritizes results, and performs analysis of groups of patents with a single click. Read this paper to find out if your patent search and analysis tool is up to date and if it will compete in this, the Third Age of patent search. 

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Exploring the Internet of Things: Gaining Insights from Patent Analytics

Learning about an organization's patents and pending applications provides valuable insight into the future of the industry's technology, often years before products come to market. This white paper walks through an analysis of patents about the Internet of Things, specifically Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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Strategies for Surviving the Patent War

Inventors, investors and businesses measure their victories in innovation, product launch, and market share. They are constantly striving to gain exclusive rights to new technology. Defend yourself and thrive in the ongoing patent war.

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Alibaba: The Story of One of China's Greatest Innovators

In September 2014, Alibaba, the Chinese online and e-commerce company, became the world’s largest IPO, valued at over US$230 billion dollars. At a mere 15 years old, the Alibaba story is an interesting case of success in the Internet era.

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What You Need to Know about Semantic Search

Keyword search in various guises has been around for [literally] centuries. The two biggest changes in the last fifty years have been automation and boolean search. However, there’s a new technology that is revolutionizing searching; allowing you to search in the same way you think about subjects. That technology is Semantic Search.

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IP Visualizations: Interpretation and Best Practices

Patents are arguably the richest dataset in the world and have potential for tremendous insights. However, businesses are overwhelmed with data and without simplification and interpretation, patent data can be rendered useless. This white paper highlights key factors and best practices for visualizing rich patent data.

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IP Strategies

Driving IP Value: Better Investments, Increasing Returns

Evidence of the necessity of a next-generation IPMS is everywhere. From patent validity and enforcement changes, to the Internet of Things and the explosion of patent data generally, the evolution of IP is being driven at a fast and furious rate.

Patents and intellectual property are key elements for product development and protecting innovation, but the tools available now can help businesses make better decisions both within and outside the IP Lifecycle. This paper highlights the forces of change, and shows how the modern IPMS drives better business decisions and relieves many of the pressures on today’s Chief IP Officers.

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A Buyer’s Guide for Selecting Patent Search & Analysis Software

One wrong decision around your patent portfolio can result in millions of dollars at risk through either lawsuits or missed revenue opportunities. Making the wrong decision on your patent search and analysis software can have far-reaching impacts.

Discussions with hundreds of IP professionals globally have resulted in this comprehensive guide to making an effective software selection for your patent search and analysis needs. Most software agreements are for at least one year, making the right choice can be one of the most important decisions you make for the success of your IP program. 

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Applying IP Business Intelligence Using a Maturity Model Framework

A key step in maturing an organization's approach to IP management is knowing: What IP Business Intelligence capabilities should be applied, and when? This white paper provides deep insight on the application of business intelligence across five key IP management process areas.

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Licensing and M&A

Licensing 101

Companies spend a small fortune developing inventions and filing patents, yet not all realize the value of their intellectual property through licensing. It doesn't have to be intimidating or risky to start a licensing program. This paper will give you the basics to get you started off on the right foot.

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Identifying New Technology Partners and Streamlining the Open Innovation Process

In the past, internal R&D was a valuable strategic asset to large corporations, even a formidable barrier to entry by competitors in many markets. Rivals had to ante up considerable resources to create their own labs, if they were to have any chance of succeeding. Today, however, the leading industrial enterprises of the past have been encountering remarkably strong competition from newcomers who conduct little or no basic research on their own, but instead get new ideas to market through a different process.

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Effective IP Licensing Strategies to Drive Predictable Growth

The economic outlook is considerably more optimistic than it was a year ago. As has been the case numerous times throughout the modern economy, businesses are confronted with unpredictable markets while being pressured to continue growth that can be predicted. The obvious question is “How?”

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What You Can Learn from Non-practicing Entities and Patent Trolls

Inventors are not the only people wanting to monetize patents, Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs), often referred to in the media as patent trolls, acquire patents from bankrupt companies at auction or select underutilized patents to own and license to others. You might think there is nothing you can learn from these predatory practices, yet there is value in understanding their patent search approaches and business model.

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The Importance of IP and Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions

There has been an interesting trend in the past six months in mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector. The number of deals is declining, but total deal amount is increasing in specific areas of technology including hardware, semiconductor, and IT services but shrinking in the fields of Internet and software.

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Patent Profitability

Five Questions to Answer Before You Pay Patent Maintenance

Contributed by published scientist and practicing lawyer Joe Runge, JD, MS, this white paper presents five crucial questions that need to be answered before investing in a service that may or may not bring you benefit. Taking into account your patent's context, purpose, and other aspects surrounding it, it will help you answer the question for yourself: Should I pay for patent maintenance?

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Maximizing IP Portfolio Profitability

Royalties from patent licensing in the United States alone are on the order of $100 billion per year and many experts feel that a well managed IP portfolio should yield 1% of a firm’s revenues and 5% of its profits. Yet, studies report that two thirds of US companies own IP that is neither licensed nor used internally. Given the recent economic downturn, leveraging the IP portfolio can help companies thrive, keep investors happy and is just smart business.

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Intellectual Property ROI: Transforming Intangible Assets into Tangible Profits

The fast pace of modern business success tends to be measured quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, or even week-by-week. Driven by the ubiquitous nature of information today, revenues, P&L, employment and economic expansion are reported and updated constantly on Internet Web sites, cable news and satellite radio. This is not a new trend, but the pace has become so frantic something critical to business can and often does get lost in the shuffle: vision. 

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Models of Patent Valuation

Creating your own valuation models provide an ability to shape your competitive advantage, turning internal data and insights into a unique view you can apply to all patents, within seconds. The possibilities are endless, creating a new era in patent analytics. Download this guide and learn how.

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IP Risk Mitigation

Understanding Risk Management as it Relates to Intellectual Property

As companies rebound from the recent economic challenges, they are exploring new business models and company growth opportunities. Increasing importance is now placed on intangible assets, specifically intellectual property (IP) assets as key drivers in today’s business deals and company valuations. 

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Strategic Considerations in Dealing with Patent Infringement Claims

Patent litigation and assertion has been a central part of the U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) landscape almost since the inception of the patent system. High tech companies in the United States have aggressively asserted their IP to recoup development costs and increase profits. Driven by ever-greater internal pressure to generate value from IP, U.S. companies are seeking to capitalize on their technology in new ways. There are a few converging trends that are causing us to see more IP litigation now than ever before. 

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