Going Digital and The Rise of Internet of Things (IoT)

Impact On IP In The Interoperable World

These days it is difficult to peruse the popular media, business periodicals and legal journals without reading about businesses undergoing a “digital transformation” and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Much of the technology developed for the IoT focuses on data analytics and data processing, areas for which current case law has raised significant barriers to utility patent protection in the United States.

As companies participate in this Fourth Industrial Revolution and transform their businesses by “going digital,” how do we protect intellectual property (IP) related to the IoT and its accompanying sensor hardware, wireless communications, big data, digital twin, software analytics and cloud computing advances?

Read this paper to learn:

  • The concepts behind the IoT, the promise behind it and why you need to care
  • Technologies, and associated Communication and standardization, that enable the IoT
  • The implications of IoT when practicing intellectual property law
  • Underlying technology of IoT and specific IP strategies to employ

And, there’s more…

Listen to an expert panel discussion surrounding IP Lawyering in the 4th Industrial Revolution (IoT).


  • What “going digital” means and the concept of IoT
  • How to develop new approaches better suited to the rapidly changing, connected-yet-disconnected network of innovations forming IoT
  • New and existing approaches to guard IP while at the same time facilitating interoperability
  • And, IP protection in the interoperable world of the IoT