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DataInformed: Gain Competitive Insight with Intellectual Property Data

A revolution is underway for Intellectual Property (IP). Never before has the IP organization had so many tools at its disposal, launching it from an essential back-office function into an indispensable business partner.


IPWatchdog: Finding the Best Patents – Comparative Patent Ranking Systems – Citations Still Matter

Over the past 18 months, our clients have begun to show greater interest in international patents (e.g. non-US). Increasing client interest in international patents corresponds with the general rise in importance of international patents (continuing ascension of the Chinese market, potential for unitary patent for Europe), more anti-patent owner decisions in the US, and greater patent litigation outside the US. Client interest spurred us to review our existing patent evaluation tools and methodologies for potential improvements.


IPWatchdog: iPhone sales slump as Apple continues to churn out smartphone patents

On July 26th, American high tech developer Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) released its earnings report for the third quarter of its 2016 fiscal year. Despite posting quarterly revenues of $42.4 billion, well short of the $49.6 billion Apple took in 2015’s third quarter, the company still beat financial analyst expectations of $42.2 billion in revenue.


IPWatchdog: Toxic algal blooms of today could be the biofuels, fertilizers & antibiotics of tomorrow

The recent harmful algal bloom (HAB) coursing through four counties in the state of Florida is garnering a great deal of media attention, but it’s not the only bloom affecting U.S. waterways.


Bloomberg Technology: Hitachi Gadget Promises More Than Better Heart Treatments

With its network of tubes and petri dishes, Hitachi Ltd.’s latest gizmo may look more like a mini laboratory inside a refrigerator than the growth engine the Japanese technology company envisages.