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IPWatchdog: Are You Maximizing Your Intellectual Property?

Today’s pace of innovation and competitive intensity demand greater protection of new ideas and inventions. Yet intellectual property (IP) management is not a high business priority for many companies. Organizations that fail to recognize IP as a strategic asset put their competitive advantage and profit margins at risk. Companies can circumvent these potentially adverse impacts by maximizing the value of their creativity. Prioritizing and protecting IP assets helps organizations stay in front of competitors and drive greater growth.


IPWatchdog: IBM hits torrid patent pace in Q1 2016, invents cloud management and automotive tech

IBM (NYSE:IBM) of Armonk, NY, is a technology development and consulting giant as well as a patenting powerhouse which is often featured in our Companies We Follow series here on IPWatchdog. The corporation is a major player in the big data sector and a recent big data market share report, produced by business technology practitioner community Wikibon, shows IBM with 9.3 percent, or just over $2.1 billion, of the total big data market, well in front of second-place SAP SE (NYSE:SAP) which took in $890 million, or 3.9 percent of the global big data market, in 2015. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty has reportedly stated that the company sees cognitive computing and machine learning, both of which have heavy ties to big data, growing as a market by $2 trillion over the next decade.


Investor’s Business Daily: AI Meets ROI: Where Artificial Intelligence Is Already Smart Business

Decades of research and billions of dollars have poured into developing artificial intelligence, which has crossed over from science fiction to gameshow novelty to the cusp of widespread business applications.


DataInformed: Data Exclusivity, Medications, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a recently ratified and controversial free trade agreement between 12 Pacific Rim countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam. One of the more controversial provisions of the TPP concerns the data-exclusivity term for biologics, which effectively enforces a monopoly for that medication by preventing a competitive manufacturer from leveraging the owner’s data about treatment efficacy during the exclusivity term. This exclusivity term runs concurrently with any patent protection and can extend beyond the expiration of applicable patents.


IPWatchdog: The Unlikely Partnership Between CPA Global and Innography

Last month CPA Global announced the acquisition of the Austin, Texas based search and analytics software provider Innography. While some in the industry have been quick to judge what on the surface appears to be an unlikely partnership, even suggesting that it spells the demise of Innography, the exact opposite seems to be the case, with Innography set to launch new offerings and enhancements over the next several months.