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Bloomberg Technology: Hitachi Gadget Promises More Than Better Heart Treatments

With its network of tubes and petri dishes, Hitachi Ltd.’s latest gizmo may look more like a mini laboratory inside a refrigerator than the growth engine the Japanese technology company envisages.


MediaPost: Verizon Becomes Lead Bidder For Yahoo, Per Report

"Hi, my name is [fill in the blank], and I now work at Verizon," said a Yahoo executive at an industry event earlier this year. This person was only kidding, of course, when he said this in a room full of people during an advertising industry event. Was it a premonition or just some good old-fashioned analytical deduction? Perhaps just a best guess.


EBN: Why Apple’s Patent Fight With Baili Should Serve As A Wake-Up Call

China's entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the country's first-to-file trademark and intellectual property laws, as well as lackadaisical attitudes of Western companies.


IPWatchdog: Rain, rain go away! Is weather modification a real possibility?

Is weather modification, or control, a real possibility? If you search for patents dealing with weather controlling technologies, it seems like it’s more of a reality than at first thought. This study is known as Geo Engineering, a deliberate intervention in the Earth’s natural system to counteract climate change.


MediaPost: Yahoo: Final Round Of Bidding Expected In Two Weeks

Companies bidding for Yahoo's core assets will offer up a third round of bids Wednesday, according to Re/code, citing sources familiar with the situation.