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MediaPost: Yahoo: Final Round Of Bidding Expected In Two Weeks

Companies bidding for Yahoo's core assets will offer up a third round of bids Wednesday, according to Re/code, citing sources familiar with the situation.


1to1Media: Mastering 4 Key Customer Experience Competencies

Discussions about customer experience often focus on consumer-facing companies, but what about those organizations that sell to other businesses? Research by Temkin Group shows increasing CX attention and activity among B2B companies.


Billion-dollar-plus valuation of Yahoo’s Excalibur patent portfolio

Yahoo! the multinational tech firm based in Sunnyvale, CA, has been experiencing a good deal of corporate turbulence in recent months. A recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) unveiled company plans to reduce its workforce by 15 percent and exit offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan. The filing states that the action is part of a “strategic plan to simplify the Company’s business and narrow its focus,” but others see it as part of a downward trend for Yahoo.


MediaPost: Yahoo Excalibur: Who Wants The Patent Portfolio And Why

Yahoo is planning to auction a portfolio of nearly 3,000 patents and applications this week. The company reassigned the group to a new subsidiary it calls Excalibur IP, but what type of patents are on the list and which companies have the most interest?


Intellectual Property Magazine: Patent search tools evolve with the times

Why do we search patents? Historically, the primary-use case was to find prior art for a potential patent application or existing patent. The patent world was effectively self-contained, with inventors and specialist searchers manually scanning for patents related to their idea.