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6 U.S. Patent Sales Increasing Despite Challenges

According to a recent study, the volume of U.S. patent sales has increased about 10 percent between 2014 and 2015.


R&D Magazine: China’s “Patent Island” Deserves a Second Look

After increasing eight-fold in the decade between 2001 and 2011, patent applications in China passed those in the U.S. Patent filings in China have continued to rapidly rise, averaging 21% annually over the last three years—much faster than any large economy.


Legaltech News: Innography Develops PatentScout Publish to Host Online Patent Portfolios

PatentScout Publish aims to define patent sets for publication to external or internal audiences.


IPWatchdog: The Myth of the 18-Month Delay in Publishing Patent Applications

Starting in November 2000, the USPTO started publishing patent applications 18 months after their earliest filing date. So the simple assumption is that you file a patent and 18 months later it get publicized, right? Well, things aren't that straightforward.


Fortune: Google’s New Patent Plan: How it Will and Won’t Help Startups

As reported by Fortune, Google uses Innography to power its new Patent Starter Program.