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Fortune Magazine: Google even uses analytics to prioritize its patent portfolio

One of the many tools it uses is Innography’s PatentIQ™, a database of more than 100 million patents that lawyers and inventors can use to research new filings or prepare litigation.


Inside Counsel: Innography’s PatentIQ launch kicks off IP-powered enterprise revolution

The software provider released the winter 2015 Release of its award-winning patent analytics suite with enhancements to Advanced Analysis include PatentIQ


Legaltech News: Innography Launches New Version of Patent Analytics Software

IP software provider Innography has launched the latest version of its patent analytics suite, Advanced Analysis. The update includes automated IP dashboards, enhanced litigation analytics and expanded patent coverage.


fedscoop: Patent office CIO aims for culture change amid systems updates

Tyron Stading, president and founder of patent analytics software company Innography, said, as the patent office works to deploy Patents End-To-End, it faces significant IT challenges with integrating different systems and handling large amounts of data. Meanwhile, the department is working with a limited budget and lumbering legacy infrastructure. “It’s a very ambitious project,” he said.


Bloomberg News: Takata Patents Show Decades Spent Seeking Safer Air Bags

A Bloomberg News review of the patents studied by Turchin as well as several others shows that Takata researchers have been aware of the instability of ammonium nitrate and other risks for more than a dozen years.