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Fortune: Google’s New Patent Plan: How it Will and Won’t Help Startups

As reported by Fortune, Google uses Innography to power its new Patent Starter Program.

29 What Google Is Really Doing by Giving Away Patents

Google is giving away patents to startups. Some in the tech press said the plan, which will see 50 young companies receive two patents apiece, will help them fight patent trolls. But this isn’t really true – at least in the short term.


Bloomberg BNA: Booming Patent Market in China

It might come as a surprise to many that China, a county notorious for bootleg recordings and trademark rip­offs, easily outpaces the world in new patent filings and is stretching that lead.


PS Village: How Services and Customer Success Leaders Can Differentiate Their Company

“When your company put the Client Success organization and Client Success Manager (CSM) role in place you officially changed from an IT company to a REAL company. None of your competitors have figured that out.” A client expressed this to me in a recent phone call. Client focus has been our primary differentiator, and while we are happy to be leading in that area we must stay ahead of the pack. To do that, we also focused on thought leadership.


Law360: Time To Start Participating In China’s Patent System

Patents in China will continue to become more numerous, more valuable and more enforceable. While a company’s current strategy may not involve selling products and defending intellectual property in China, patents and trademarks should still be filed today in order to preserve the “option value” of entering the market in the future.