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IAM: LOT Network can look back on a bumper 2016 thanks to Asian subscriptions

For the first time, the License On Transfer (LOT) Network has released data relating to patents that have been assigned to third parties by its members. The figures give a glimpse of how the LOT Network project has progressed since its launch in June 2014 – and an indication of whether it is coming any closer to fulfilling its primary objective of disarming ‘patent trolls’.


IPWatchdog: What can Alexander Graham Bell Teach us about Patent Filing?

The popular story goes that Alexander Graham Bell and the second man to file USPTO paperwork related to invention of the telephone, Elisha Gray, did so on the same day, February 14, 1876, when time of day of receipt was not recorded. The exact order in which their paperwork was received that day by the chief patent examiner and how remains in dispute even now, according to the prologue of The Telephone Patent Conspiracy of 1876.


EBNonline: Robot Supply May Require New Links in the Chain

As robotics forges new paths and fledgling markets for the electronic component supply chains, the shift could force procurement specialists to rethink strategies and expand relationships with suppliers. A report from Innography identifies patterns that analyze how autonomous robots such as cars and drones will disrupt multiple industries and create new product categories for electronic supply chains.


InsideBIGDATA: Big Data Transforms Patent Analysis into Business Strategy

In this special guest feature, Tyron Stading, President and Founder of Innography, provides expert commentary on how organizations can drive more business value from their IP investments through use of big data.


IAM: The rise of big data in managing a patent portfolio

Gartner defines ‘big data’ as “high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization”. This is the ‘3Vs’ definition of ‘big data’ and it certainly applies to patent data: the global patent data set today totals over 100 terabytes, with millions of new patent documents and updates made public every week, and the ever-increasing patent data volumes and variety show no signs of slowing down.