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Bloomberg News: One Company’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure in Patent World

Ericsson, Panasonic Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. sold almost 5,000 patents in the first quarter combined, according to Innography Inc., an Austin, Texas-based maker of software to analyze patent portfolios. Nokia on July 7 said it had sold a group of phone patents to licensing company Wi-Lan Inc.


Korea Times: Samsung’s next innovation engine

What will be the next-generation technology that can bring genuine "innovation" to the global ICT industry? The answer may vary.


Wired: U.S. Senate Drives a Stake Through Heart of Patent Reform

Patent reform seemed just around the corner. In December, the House of Representatives passed theInnovation Act by a margin of 325 to 91. The bill, which would have made it harder to file spurious patent suits, had the blessing of President Barack Obama. All it needed was to pass the Senate.


ABJ: Partner with Connecticut Company on Patent Licensing

Austin-based Innography is joining with Patent Properties Inc. (OTCQB: PPRO) to create Patent Utility, software designed to provide an alternative to the court system for patent owners and patent users. The deal will provide data and analytical services to the users of Patent Utility, according to a company news release


Law Technology News: Innography Patent Intelligence Shows Comparative Patent Strength

Innography's Spring 2014 Release compares key patent valuation information and visualizes what patents are active in a technology area.