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Law Technology News: Product of the Week - Innography Adds Visualization Tools and Playbooks to IP Analysis

Innography's Advanced Analysis provides search and analysis of up to 60,000 patents, simultaneously. The web-based resource is designed to help manage, extend, and exploit patent portfolios. The new Summer 2013 Release adds enhanced visualization tools for large data sets, which enable users to analyze competitors, litigation, and market trends.


ABJ: Understand the value and potential costs of your data

Tyron Stading, Austin Business Journal Guest Columnist: We’re constantly bombarded with content. From checking Facebook and Twitter on our smartphones to gathering engine diagnostics from our cars on the morning commute, we are taking in and putting out more content than ever before. And as the lines between personal and professional activity continue to blur, companies are paying top dollar to gain access to this data to better understand customer buying habits, and the more strategic companies are using this data to generate revenue.


ABJ: What’s the big data? You’ll Find Out Soon

Big data refers to collections of information that are too large to manage and analyze with traditional software tools. The term is a bit abstract, and it’s often used with eye-glazers like petabyte and scalable elastic data stream. But while the complexities of big data might deter many from engaging it, big data is nevertheless undetered on its way to dramatically changing how data-driven organizations act and are acted on. For companies like Austin-based Innography Software Inc., big data means opportunity.


Innography Playbooks

Innography, a provider of intellectual property management solutions, has launched a set of workflow tools called Innography Playbooks. The playbooks allow users to quickly assemble reports that address some of the most frequently repeated questions about a company’s IP. They are designed to get the most out of the Innography platform for those users who are not power users of the system. It’s particularly useful for creating a quick answer and passing it “upward” to executives or in-house counsel, or for simply providing fast answers to frequent questions.


Argyle Journal: A Conversation with Tyron Stading

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, Tyron Stading, President and Founder, Innography, and Jason Redlus, Managing Partner, Argyle Executive Forum, addressed current issues regarding the litigation of intellectual property and the value of IP-based business intelligence. They discussed how Innography can help companies merge their capital business and legal perspectives with their intellectual property decisions to leverage hidden assets and mitigate risk.