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Law Technology News: Product of the Week - Innography Advanced Analysis

This week, Innography Inc. is at the top of LTN news for its Fall 2013 Release of Innography Advanced Analysis, analytical software as a service for intellectual property owners and IP portfolio managers, and for PatentScout, an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly interface to patent research designed for novice and infrequent IP researchers.


ABJ: How cloud computing offers down-to-earth solutions for business

I often take for granted that everyone is utilizing Cloud Computing. While it may be a generic term, it has had practical impacts on my company’s strategy and day-to-day business. However, I’m not sure that many people fully grasp some of the reasons why it can make a significant difference in a company.


Bloomberg News: Patent Loss to Apple Leaves Sour Taste for Wi-Lan Sale

The patent-buying binge of 2011 and 2012 that resulted in the purchase of $4.5 billion worth of patents from Nortel Networks Inc. and Google Inc.’s $12.4 billion deal to buy Motorola Mobility Inc. has cooled. At the same time, a series of court rulings and proposed legislation in U.S. Congress have limited the value of patents owned by companies that don’t make products.


Wired: Big Data for Patents: Deriving Novel Insights from Publicly Available Data

Wired's Innovation Insights posts guest article by John Martin.


Law Technology News: Product of the Week - Innography Adds Visualization Tools and Playbooks to IP Analysis

Innography's Advanced Analysis provides search and analysis of up to 60,000 patents, simultaneously. The web-based resource is designed to help manage, extend, and exploit patent portfolios. The new Summer 2013 Release adds enhanced visualization tools for large data sets, which enable users to analyze competitors, litigation, and market trends.