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CNNMoney: Getting Innovation Out of the Lab at Xerox

Xerox (XRX) PARC has come a long way. A generation ago, the Palo Alto Research Center famously developed many of the technologies that led to modern PCs from folks like Apple (AAPL) and Dell (DELL), but never got them beyond the lab. Today the unit is determined to get its inventions out of the lab, even if it means sacrificing secrecy.


Network World: EU Patent Chief Paves the Way for Change

IDG News Service - Adapt or die. That's the choice facing the European Patent Office, according to its president, Alison Brimelow. Her task it is to prepare the organization for major change, she said last week in an interview, giving a bleak assessment of the patent system. "Throughout its history the patent system has been hotly contested, even resulting in violence, and consensus was remarkably rare," she said referring to the period before 1973, when European countries signed the European Patent Convention, which created the EPO.