Law Technology News: Product of the Week - Innography Adds Visualization Tools and Playbooks to IP Analysis

Author: Sean Doherty, Law Technology News

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Innography, founded in 2007, based in Austin, Texas.

Product category

Intellectual property business intelligence services to organizations.


Innography's Advanced Analysis provides search and analysis of up to 60,000 patents, simultaneously. The web-based resource is designed to help manage, extend, and exploit patent portfolios.

The new Summer 2013 Release adds enhanced visualization tools for large data sets, which enable users to analyze competitors, litigation, and market trends.

Visualization tools include histograms, which are graphical representations of data in a chart view; honeycomb charts, which display patent strength and interrelationship with other patents in a honeycomb arrangement [see Figure 1]; and analysis of IP portfolio strength and viability in the market place [see Figure 2].

oneycomb chart visualization tool

Figure 1. Honeycomb chart displaying patent portfolio strength. Click image to enlarge.

Analysis of IP portfolio strength and viability visuazliation tool

Figure 2. Market map of patent strength and provenance. Click image to enlarge.

The summer release helps users exports data to Microsoft Excel files for additional analysis and reporting. It also expands the current search and analysis offerings with semantic search capabilities designed to surface hidden language and patent claims and disclosures. With semantic analysis, users can analyze an IP portfolio against the patents of a particular company or against Innography's database of approximately 90 million patents [See Figure 3].

Semantic analysis visualization tool

Figure 3. Semantic search window is used to detail patent claims and descriptions, helping users search across approximately 90 million patents in Innography's online database of intellectual property. Click image to enlarge.

Innography includes Playbooks in its commercial Advanced Analysis license package. Playbooks automate high-level IP tasks into a workflow to, e.g., research competitive intelligence or license IP. The guided workflows are designed to simulate what an expert IP practitioner would to do engage a business transaction such as an IP sale or valuation.

Analyst David Schubmehl, in a June IDC Insight report, described the guided workflows as an emulation of what an expert IP researcher would do in certain situations, "such as ideation, licensing, litigation, and merger and acquisition activity." Emulating the researcher's tasks into a workflow helps less frequent and novice users accomplish expert tasks in Innography, said John Martin, Innography's chair and CEO. The use cases for Playbooks broaden the user base for Advanced Analysis to business users, he told Law Technology News.

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Target market

Intellectual property owners and IP portfolio managers.

Competitive landscape includes: 

Lex MachinaReed Technology and Information Services Inc.


Licensed on per seat, subscription basis. The company did not disclose rates.

Attorney Sean Doherty is LTN's technology editor.