Law Technology News: Innography Patent Intelligence Shows Comparative Patent Strength

Innography Inc. unveiled yesterday the Spring 2014 Release of its namesake patent intelligence content and software as a service offering.

The new release includes three features that should be available to every enterprise patent portfolio.

  1. Company Comparison: Compare and visualize competitive patent data of up to five companies. The new tool matches key patent valuation information and can compare portfolios of subsidiaries, competitors, target acquisitions and other patent holding entities. Customers can search for patents and/or claims and visualize and compare portfolio size and apply a market map to patented products; examine and compare patent filings by criteria such as jurisdiction, aging and filing dates and drill down to the individual patent applications. Portfolio strength is determined by relevant litigation, inventors, industry, citations, claims, references, etc.
  2. CustomStrength: Innography’s PatentStrength algorithm already aims to predict the likelihood that a patent will be involved in litigation. With the company’s Advanced Analysis capability, customers can create their own rules to form an algorithm to apply to a patent strategy using CustomStrength variable such as the age of a patent, claims, citations, inventors and revenue.
  3. DocShare: Customers can upload internal documents such as patent applications, disclosures, non-patent literature (NPL) and include them in their patent portfolio analysis.

The spring release also provides more original full-text patent coverage for Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Spain as well as NPL comprised of more than four million documents including research papers, conference proceedings and journals.

For more information on the spring release, see Innography’s white paper update.

Founded in 2007, Innography ( is based in Austin, Texas.

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