PatentScout Publish: Share Your IP Analysis

Focused Analysis for Everyone. No Login Required. You Decide Who.

The IP analyst defines the set of patents using a search result or a project and shares the output in the easy, simple, PatentScout® interface. The published results can be shared with ANY user in the world via a unique URL (no account required and no login required).

There are many groups inside and outside of your organization that will be interested in consuming only the patent sets they need:

  • Companies ready to license patents can create a Publish set to make it available to investors or brokers or potential buyers.
  • University TTOs can publish all of their patents available for licensing and collaboration
  • IP-focused law practices can service their clients with custom reports and analysis
  • R&D organizations interested in enabling their inventors to do their own ideation and invention review research, while minimizing willful infringement concerns.

Extend Your Analysis for Maximum Impact

PatentScout Publish is an extension of our Advanced Analysis software and it’s really easy to get started:

  1. Create one or more projects with the desired sets of patents
  2. Save the projects to a Publish
  3. Apply your own name and branding if desired
  4. Share the Publish URL to your target audience

What Will the Receiver See?

The person to whom you send the URL will be able to perform searches within the defined result set, including both keyword and semantic. The Publish provides visuals and text clusters and the receiver will be able to both read and save patent details and drawings.

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