CPA Global Integrates Innography PatentScout with IPMS

Four months after its acquisition by CPA Global, Innography today announced its PatentScout®solution is integrated with CPA Global’s FoundationIP intellectual property management system. The combined solution gives FoundationIP customers immediate access to PatentScout’s industry leading, private enterprise patent search solution, reducing time and costs to validate patent data.

PatentScout delivers accurate, premium correlated global patent data (over 55M full-text translated) on a private, web-based platform, and is directly connected to the FoundationIP software, where users can pull up the most accurate patent data available with one click. In addition, FoundationIP users have the ability to check legal status of a patent, download drawings, view forward citations, and all other fully-cleansed patent information without ever leaving their IP management system. This further streamlines workflows that save users time and reduce errors.

“In just a few short months, the combination of CPA Global and Innography is already delivering benefits for customers,” said Tyron Stading, founder and CTO of Innography. “This announcement signals a shift for the IP management industry, in which public and private data are leveraged to enable fully-informed decision-making throughout the IP lifecycle. In the coming months, our clients will see this vision expand as we roll out new global capabilities, integrations with IPMS systems, and further product innovation.”

Beginning next week, all present and future subscribers of FoundationIP will have access to the full PatentScout product, which utilizes a super-simple and secure user interface to provide semantic search and one-click visualizations that provide analysis and insights well beyond the capabilities of low-cost and free search tools.

Customers are invited to join Tyron Stading and Noel Young, FoundationIP Product Manager, for a live webinar on Wednesday, March 23 at 10:30 AM CDT to discuss the new integration and ongoing plans to bring public and private data together for IP professionals globally.

Additional educational opportunities will be available next month, as more than 250 customers gather at Innography’s annual Insights Conference, April 18-20 in Austin, Texas. One of the largest IP industry events of its kind, Insights will feature subject matter experts from Google, Sharp, Eastman, Kodak, IPISC, Hershey, Pabst, VISA and IBM presenting real-world perspectives, alongside hands-on workshops and educational sessions that delve deeper into Innography’s product portfolio.

About Innography

Innography provides patent search and intellectual property analytics software that helps the world’s leading patent owners, innovators and decision-makers drive more business value from IP investments. Correlating 100 million patent documents with financial, litigation, market and business data, Innography helps clients track competitors, uncover lucrative revenue sources, preempt litigation claims and stay abreast of innovation trends. With more than 350 global clients across all product industry categories, Innography is proud to achieve client satisfaction far above the industry average. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Innography is a CPA Global company.

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About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world's leading IP management services and software specialist. Trusted by many of the world’s best-known corporations and law firms to help them manage risk, cost and capacity, and realise greater value for their businesses and IP assets. 

Services support excellence in IP management and include IP software; patent portfolio optimisation; patent search and analytics; patent and trademark renewals; as well as other IP support services such as docketing, trademark watching and domains management.

Founded in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1969, CPA Global today employs more than 2000 people, serving clients’ needs in 200 jurisdictions through its own offices and an extensive agent network. CPA Global’s diverse client list ranges from major global corporations, headquartered in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, to small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation start-ups; and from top international law firms to national and regional law and IP firms. CPA Global are owned by European private equity firm, Cinven.

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