Innography and Naveste Form Co-Marketing Partnership to Focus on IP Risk Management and Resiliency

Innography, the intellectual property business intelligence company, today announced it has formed a co-marketing partnership with Naveste, the experts in helping clients achieve improvements in global risk and resilience visibility. Naveste combines the power of global networks with unique IP research, analysis, and structuring capabilities to help its clients get the most out of their intellectual property. This first of its kind partnership, will help joint customers develop business practices using Innography that will allow them to better identify, understand, and monitor risks around their intangible assets.

Today's innovation marketplace is rapidly changing, increasingly global and highly complex. Intellectual property is central to more and more businesses, and managing risks to IP has become an enterprise imperative. Business leaders are recognizing the advantages of taking proactive steps to build processes to actively evaluate and monitor their IP risk. The Innography-Naveste partnership will allow customers turnkey solutions that integrate state-of-the-art Innography analytics tools with seasoned global IP risk management experience. This will enable them to maximize revenue from their IP while minimizing the costly impact of litigation, proliferation, and competition. The goal is a well managed path of enterprise de-risking, IP risk transferability, and enhanced insurability.

"Prior to working with Innography our clients needed many hours of work to identify and collect relevant information before beginning the work of solution focused analysis," According to Jim Hoffmann, Managing Director of Naveste. "Now our joint customers can focus on mitigating risk, optimizing competitive strategy and delivering replicable methodologies for getting the most out of their intangible assets."

"We have long thought that risk management was an area in which Innography could provide value to its customers," said Doug Miller, Innography's chief marketing officer. "Combining the expertise and global connections of Naveste for providing guidance to customers on setting up repeatable business practices around managing and monitoring IP risk, with the power of Innography analytics gives our joint customers a win-win for this very important use case."

Innography's online IP business intelligence application delivers critical business insights through proprietary discovery algorithms and predictive analytics, enabling organizations to improve their IP monetization and revenue opportunities. Innography Winter '10 provides users with several innovative features and attributes, now bringing brands (products) into analytics to understand freedom to operate, find infringing products, target licensing options and monitor new products.

Innography is available as a Web-enabled subscription service. There are no installation requirements, and full support and software updates are included.