Innography and Perception Partners Form Co-Marketing Partnership

Innography, the intellectual property business intelligence company, today announced it has formed a co-marketing partnership with Perception Partners, experts in helping clients understand, quantify and maximize value from innovation and intellectual property (IP). The partnership is designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices between IP business intelligence providers and users, as well as jointly market the two firms to provide end-to-end solutions that directly benefit business stakeholders.

To launch the partnership, Perception Partners will co-host the live webinar, as well as develop and demonstrate use cases and opportunities where Innography’s innovative Web-based application can be leveraged for impactful IP decision making through instant visualizations generated by the product’s unique correlation of patent, financial, litigation and other key business data. The 60 minute IP webinar, entitled Beat the Competition to the Punch: How to Preemptively Ensure Your Freedom to Operate, will take place on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET.

"Innography uniquely puts data critical to understanding innovation value into the hands of the business user," remarked Barry Brager, managing partner of Perception Partners. "With our expertise in IP analytics and our history in discovering actionable opportunities and threats in technology landscapes, we can demonstrate how power users of Innography’s dynamic algorithms, rich interfaces and deep databases, can take business stakeholders to the next level, by leapfrogging competitors, discovering disruptive technologies and completing IP transactions on their terms."

"Perception Partners has developed best-of-breed competencies in technology landscaping, open innovation and patent portfolio evaluation," said Doug Miller, Innography’s chief marketing officer. "Barry and his team bring an experienced voice and deep training skills to the IP analytics process, and through this partnership our joint customers will experience the enduring value that Innography can deliver across their organizations."

Innography enables organizations of all sizes and industries to rapidly realize increases in efficiencies and revenue sources when utilizing Innography’s powerful intellectual property business intelligence application, whether they are seeking to:

  • Generate new, qualified sales prospects for revenue-producing licensing activities
  • Reveal critical IP portfolio information when evaluating M&A candidates
  • Discover previously unknown points of exposure to intellectual property litigation
  • Access technology and competitive information to identify emerging market opportunities, trends and threats
  • Improve the strength and marketability of new patent ideas

Innography is available as a Web-enabled subscription service on a per user basis. There are no installation requirements, and full support and software updates are included. 

About Perception Partners
Perception Partners is a global advisory services firm that helps companies and investors understand, quantify and maximize the value derived from innovation and intellectual property. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA Perception Partners enables its clients to increase revenues and reduce costs by uniquely integrating cutting-edge IP and business intelligence tools, algorithmic analytics techniques, and extensive technical, business and legal expert teams. The firm offers Solution Suites to discover opportunities and reduce risks in technology investment, business development, and IP transactions.