Innography Continues to Innovate with Enhancements to Advanced Analysis

Innography, a CPA Global company, today announced the Spring Release of its Advanced Analysis solution providing expanded IP search and analytics capabilities to support more informed business decisions. This latest version of Advanced Analysis enables researchers from pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers to search across over 100 million patent documents in seconds using chemical structure drawings and conduct powerful IP analyses, all in one software application.

Searching for existing patents using text to describe chemical compounds is a time consuming and error-prone process. The Spring Release of Advanced Analysis enables users to find patent documents containing relevant compounds easily by using a smart, intuitive tool to draw chemical structures, or by typing in familiar formats, generic names (e.g. caffeine), or trademarked products (e.g. Advil®). The ability to search by a chemical structure helps users find documents that include the exact compound they’ve entered, their structure as a substructure of other components, or parts of the structure they’ve entered.

“Chemical patent structure searching has been on our ‘wish list’ for a while, and Innography’s implementation is intuitive and flexible,” said Jim Reynolds, Ph.D., of the Intellectual Property Solutions Division at Eastman Kodak Company. “Chemists eat, think, breathe and dream in the language of chemical structure, and Kodak scientists are excited about this new feature and looking forward to using it in their searches.”

Additional new features of Advanced Analysis include:

  • Global Prosecution Data– Allows IP professionals to understand trends and conduct further analysis by searching across prosecution information from over 60 jurisdictions.
  • Family Reduction Options – Enables IP professionals to quickly narrow their results by reducing by the family of choice: INPADOC, Application or Case, or Simple Family.
  • Custom Color Palette – Makes tailored visualizations and PatentIQTM charts possible by setting a color palette specific to a company and its competitors.
  • Brazil and Taiwan Full Text Data – Includes English-translated, full-text from Brazil and Taiwan as part of Innography’s high-quality, improved IP database.
  • More Non-Patent Literature – Expands the NPL documents available for analyses to include literature, research papers and other scientific papers, now totaling more than 22 million documents.

“Chemistry and pharma continue to be two of the most active sectors in the patent industry, and both saw notable growth last year. The 2017 Spring Release of Advanced Analysis with true semantic search, improved IP data, powerful algorithms and visualizations -- and now flexible chemical structure search -- makes Innography the go-to software application for researchers and IP professionals in all sectors to make informed business decisions,” said John F. Martin, CEO of Innography and COO Innovation Solutions at CPA Global.

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