Innography Expands Availability of Playbooks in Response to High Demand

Innography, the innovative provider of better intellectual property answers for improved business results, today announced that it is integrating its innovative Playbooks as part of its commercial Advanced Analysis product offering on July 29, 2013, at no additional charge to clients. Empowering IP pros and novices alike, Innography Playbooks automate the work of IP professionals and high-level IP business activities such as licensing, competitive intelligence and patent portfolio analysis into simple, easy-to-use workflows.

Leveraging the Innography Playbooks, business users are guided through the use of a wizard-like interface and provided best practices and explanations with each step. The Playbooks produce simple, intelligence-rich reports and visualizations that highlight key insights along with their meaning and actions that can be taken, greatly simplifying and speeding the ability to garner strategic IP insights.

Based on high-value use-cases, Innography Playbooks offer the ability to quickly and easily perform IP analyses such as:

  • Prioritize the most important patents in a portfolio
  • Find potential ways to invalidate a patent
  • Uncover the patent litigation history of a company
  • Identify emerging trends, white space and potential collaborators for a technology area
  • Identify prior-art patents for invention disclosure

Now combined into the core product at no additional charge, Innography Playbooks are an example of Innography's continuing focus on innovation and ease-of-use for all users of its unique IP analytics platform.

Innography's Playbooks were also the focus of a June 2013 IDC Insight report entitled Innography Playbooks - Combining Unified Information Access and Business Process to Deliver Value, by David Schubmehl, Research Director for IDC's Search, Content Analytics and Discovery Research.  

The IDC report notes: "Innography has built a unified information access platform for intellectual property and patent/trademark research. It has also developed purpose-built mini-applications using the Innography platform that Innography calls Playbooks. These Playbooks automate tasks and research processes and embody best practices for a variety of research tasks. IDC sees these as examples of InfoApps used to give non-experts the benefits and expertise of professional IP researchers at a fraction of the cost. They essentially provide a 'virtual assistant' sitting at the side of the users, providing them with guidance on how to get the best information from the service."

The full IDC Insight Report, Innography Playbooks - Combining Unified Information Access and Business Process to Deliver Value, may be accessed on the Innography website.

"Typical IP analysis projects require substantial costs and time to proactively address issues such as IP litigation threats and IP licensing opportunities," said John F. Martin, chief executive officer and chairman of Innography. "To meet these challenges head on, Innography has captured the best practices from the most sophisticated IP practitioners and streamlined them into our Innography Playbooks where they can be guided step-by-step toward valuable business insights."