Innography Introduces IdeaScout™ to Streamline Innovation Management

Innography, a CPA Global company, today announced the launch of IdeaScout™, a new innovation management solution that transforms how companies capture new ideas and convert them into valuable intellectual property, including patents and trade secrets. By increasing the quality and quantity of captured innovation, and enhancing collaboration between innovation and intellectual property (IP) teams, IdeaScout helps companies innovate for value and improve their competitive position.

Research and development is the key ingredient for new product innovation and growth, but too often innovation and IP efforts can be disconnected, viewed as an afterthought and lacking inventor engagement. This leaves valuable inventions and trade secrets unprotected and business strategies at risk.

IdeaScout serves the inventor community, helping them improve ideas and find collaborators, while efficiently building and accelerating the innovation pipeline. In beta trials, IdeaScout customers significantly improved idea submission efficiency, doubling the volume of new ideas that made it through to the disclosure process.

“For too long, companies’ innovation and IP efforts have been disconnected, resulting in inefficiencies that stifle business growth and missed opportunities to protect intellectual property,” said John F. Martin, CEO of Innography and COO Innovation Solutions at CPA Global. “IdeaScout improves and streamlines the process from new idea to invention disclosure to patent application, increasing both the quality and the quantity of captured innovation.”

IdeaScout connects experts and promotes collaboration across global inventor teams, providing earlier capture and cataloging of strategic ideas, and greatly reducing duplicate or redundant efforts. Helpful feedback also enables the inventor to improve ideas and focus efforts on the ideas more likely to prove beneficial. The resulting benefits include earlier idea submissions during the invention process, increased quality and quantity of ideas submitted, and significant time saved in the idea review and patent filing processes. This drives ROI on product development through time savings and more protectable intellectual property output.

 Additional benefits include:

  • Easy idea submission: Inventors simply email ideas in straightforward text to start the process.
  • Idea evaluation and feedback: Inventors get immediate feedback on ideas via an intelligent agent to refine and improve patentability potential, keeping them engaged.
  • Collaborator discovery: Inventors can easily find other experts either in their own company or across an expert network of more than 18 million inventors.
  • Inventor engagement: Organizations can engage inventor communities to submit ideas on a set frequency, specific to business/strategic gaps, specific technologies, and more. “Steps to Success” also help inventors optimize IP ideation, review and submission processes without ever leaving the platform.

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