Innography Releases Patent Market Tracker

New data set and analytics service allows analysis of all U.S. patent purchases and sales

Innography, the innovative software provider of better intellectual property answers for improved business results, announces the release of Patent Market Tracker®, a leading edge data set and analytics service developed to monitor all United States-based patent purchases and sales. Patent purchases are an indicator of strategic interest in a technology area and represent significant monetization opportunities. They provide strategic insight into future patent litigation or licensing trends that are poised to emerge.

Over 80,000 U.S. patents per year are purchased by product companies and by non-practicing entities (NPE) with the common goal of generating future value from the patent. According to Innography’s data, new owners of purchased patents are more than twice as likely to initiate litigation over a patent than the general population already in possession of a patent.

“Patent Market Tracker is an innovative new data set that will help companies better understand the patent landscape, IP opportunities and the risk profile,” said John F. Martin, CEO and chairman, Innography. “We look forward to working with our partners and clients to continue to advance this dataset’s value in addressing business questions via intellectual property analytics.”

Patent Market Tracker better informs business decisions by:

  • Monitoring the technology areas where competitors are buying or selling patents.
  • Watching for patents purchased by NPEs with greater likelihood of assertions.
  • Analyzing patent purchases by technology area to learn which buyers are becoming active in that arena.
  • Determining which patents are securitized by their owners and are positioned to be less aggressively asserted going forward.

“Leveraging Innography’s new Patent Market Tracker allows us to make more informed business decisions based on a better assessment of our current competitors’ movements today,” said Craig Shinners, director of Patents, Synopsys, Inc.  “Serving up vital business intelligence, this new solution provides powerful insights around potential players within our technology space too, while also providing advanced notice of potential NPE activity."

Patent Market Tracker is an add-on service to Innography’s flagship IP analytics platform, Advanced Analysis, and is licensed to clients for a yearly subscription fee for the entire enterprise.

For more information on Patent Market Tracker, please contact Innography at