Innography Simplifies Intellectual Property Practices with Standardized Playbooks

 Innographythe premier IP Business Intelligence (IPBI) company, today unveiled the Innography Playbooks™, a new software product with repeatable step-by-step processes to tackle the most common issues faced in intellectual property. Over the past five years, Innography has captured the industry's best practices from the most sophisticated IP practitioners and streamlined them into simple, easy to use workflows. Playbooks allows novice and expert users alike to automate daily IP-related tasks, as well as make complex, strategic decisions utilizing a wizard-like interface. With this new software offering, Innography harnesses the power of its proprietary analytics algorithms into a few simple clicks to produce clear and meaningful reports, enabling all levels of users to gain the valuable IP insights necessary to make smarter business decisions.

"Every day companies are impacted by IP litigation threats as well as opportunities for patent monetization. The magnitude of this impact is measured in billions of dollars each year through litigation costs, patent sales, and licensing revenue. However, most of these companies do not have the expertise or resources to properly handle those IP concerns, forcing them to miss opportunities or spend significant amounts of money on attorneys or consultants without generating any real business benefit," said said Tyron Stading, president and founder at Innography. "The Playbooks take IP expertise beyond the normal reach of IP specialists, and enable virtually anyone to perform key tasks quickly and accurately in order to increase their IP knowledge, reduce risks, increase sales, or define strategy with the simple workflows the Playbooks provide."

Each individual Playbook is a combination of "plays" that form a workflow and provide a repeatable process for achieving high-level goals and answering a specific set of IP business questions. The output of the Playbooks are information-rich reports that provide insights into common IP-related issues. The first Playbooks comprise the following application areas with additional releases to follow:

Innography Licensing Playbook

With Innography's Licensing Playbook, business development and licensing professionals can quickly build pipelines of licensing/sales leads by mining deep connections between technologies, patents, companies, products and litigation. In minutes, a user can identify the most valuable areas of a portfolio, prioritize the assets within those portfolios, generate lists of potential leads, and further qualify those as good prospective candidates to license or purchase patents. This enables the licensing team to easily market large patent portfolios and go beyond the usual suspects for patent monetization.

Innography Litigation Playbook

Innography's Litigation Playbook enables users to respond to infringement claims quickly and efficiently, by providing daily infringement litigation updates, and correlating that information with the litigation parties and the technologies in question. This allows users to perform historical analysis of litigation by technology, company or patent, and receive alerts on how this landscape is changing. Also, Innography's one-click invalidation algorithms quickly identify relevant prior art that typically remains undetected with traditional search methods.

Innography M&A Playbook

Innography's M&A Playbook allows users to quickly identify critical IP issues that could affect the decision to acquire, as well as the valuation of the company or portfolio being considered for acquisition. IP is often the key driver behind an acquisition but many corporate development professionals feel that the rapid pace of deals today hinders thorough analysis of a target's patent portfolio. Each patent in a portfolio is a financial asset, and this Playbook helps identify securitization issues, strength/value of the patents, and threats to the acquisition giving more complete due diligence in a shorter amount of time.