Innography’s Latest Release Allows Clients to Generate More IP Insights, Quickly

Power users gain time-saving task automation for rapid and improved intellectual property analysis

Innography, the innovative software provider of better intellectual property answers for improved business results, announces the Summer 2014 Release, focused on further increasing the efficiency, power and configurability of the award-winning patent analytics suite. Heavy users will especially benefit from unique advances in the alerting system, improved family reduction capabilities, more versatile exporting and several claims analysis enhancements.

“Our newest release pushes the envelope for efficiently generating unique insights from intellectual property analytics, and distributing them throughout the enterprise,” said John F. Martin, chief executive officer and chairman of Innography. “At our Insights user conference in April, our most frequent users voted on new features that would be most helpful to their day-to-day tasks, and this release, just a few months later, especially reflects their input and priorities.”

With the Summer 2014 release, Innography has added capabilities in several key areas:

  • Powerful and highly configurable new alerts, such as company alerts that notify a user-selectable audience when a company files new patents, participates in patent litigation or many other events.  Among additional advances, new document alerts will notify when a specific patent changes, such as when a new patent application cites your patent.
  • User-configurable family reduction and grouping, including selecting reduction rules and preferred jurisdictions.
  • A new text cluster visual that includes claim language, which shows the technology applications more directly.
  • Expanded export capabilities and configurability that eliminates many manual steps and continually runs in background so users can continue working.  The advanced export now includes patent drawings embedded into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • A configurable option in PatentScout that allows claims to be eliminated from patent search results, which minimizes the risk of inventors viewing a competitor’s patent claims.

"I especially wanted to thank Innography's engineering team for building the most accurate, best-in-class, and easy to use product, said a vice president of IP Assets, a Fortune 20 company. “I wanted to thank their Client Success team too. They simply have the most responsive customer support and the highest levels of dedication to everything they do.”

Along with a completely revised User Guide, Innography users gained access to the variety of new features at no additional cost beginning today.