Patent and IP Analytics Solutions

Innography delivers comprehensive, online Intellectual Property Business Intelligence (IPBI) applications and patent tools that enable companies of all types and sizes to achieve the best possible return on IP investments.

Through a powerful business analytics platform, Innography streamlines manual IP-related tasks by giving instant access to reliable and vital data. Our IP analytics tools enable organizations to get products to market faster, uncover new and more lucrative revenue sources, keep better track of competitors, pre-empt litigation claims and stay on top of numerous IP-associated functions.

Great organizations are built from great ideas. Every year in your organization thousands of new ideas are distilled to a precious few that will become products or entirely new markets. At Innography, our job is to help you manage, protect and exploit your valuable ideas with exceptional patent tools.

We achieve this goal through comprehensive, continually updated, online products that enable companies to drive the most value from their IP investments.

Only Innography correlates over 100 million patents with financial, litigation, market and key business data to provide a complete picture of the intellectual property landscape. With constantly updated data from 102 patent jurisdictions, 60 data sources and more than 50 visualizations, you can uncover insight in minutes instead of days or weeks. In fact, Innography is the only patent tool that can perform a complete portfolio analysis for the 500 largest patent portfolios.

PatentScout: Private, Enterprise Patent Search

PatentScout® delivers critical patent data from a private, web-based platform. Enable everyone in your organization to conduct patent searches as needed, without the loss of privacy and search logging associated with free, public tools.

Innography Explorer

Designed for Researchers, Innography Explorer offers powerful semantic search and automated reports for developing new product ideas, examining white space, exploring freedom to operate, identifying collaborators, and preparing invention disclosures. Innography Explorer makes it fast and affordable to give powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools that help you innovate to the market opportunities and be first to file.

Advanced Analysis

Advanced Analysis is the only full lifecycle patent analysis tool designed for both IP power and business users. Drill as deep as you like into the data or generate point and click reports. Either way, you get the industry’s most comprehensive data analytics with insights that would otherwise take weeks or months to derive.


PatentIQ®: Drag, drop and share, that’s all it takes to share critical IP information with your stakeholders. PatentIQ’s dynamic reports never need manual updating. Integrated collaboration and an email comment digest keep everyone in the know.


With PortfolioIQ IP professionals can create custom data fields for use in IP analyses that combine internal IP portfolio information with public patent data, to give stakeholders the full picture to make informed business decisions. 

PatentScout + IPMS Integration

The integration of PatentScout® with your IPMS enables access to high-quality public patent data with a click of a link from your IP asset management tool for a much more efficient way to manage intellectual property. 


Innography's PatentGuard® is a service that analyzes a patent portfolio to identify potential patent title issues and report measures to repair broken title chains where possible for US patents and applications. This due diligence software provides portfolio managers with an audit report of any existing issues to help assure the assets are properly protected.

Patent Market Tracker®

Innography’s Patent Market Tracker® provides the cleanest, and most timely US patent assignment data available. The latest report summarizes the patent transfer activities of the second half of 2015 and details trends uncovered through patent reassignment data. Qualcomm emerges as a consistent buyer in the telecommunications area and their acquisitions are examined in more detail.

Innography offers a set of packaged services that answer a variety of IP questions for the client. Innography’s world-class Client Success Consultants apply our technology and IP analysis best-practices to deliver high-value results.

Services Overview

Due to the widely-accepted value it delivers to organizations globally, the business of innovation is receiving more attention than ever before. These are incredible times for the industry, and for those companies that continue to innovate — not just their patents, but their technologies and IP strategies, too — the sky’s the limit. 

Analytics by CPA Global

No IP organization is immune to the fickle nature of the industry. As the saying goes, “the only constant is change.” Changing industries. Changing technologies. Changing strategies. The only way to effectively operate within this ever-changing technology ecosystem is to stay in the know more than you ever thought possible.

Professional Services

Our focus on client success drives every interaction, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. All our subscription customers are provided onboarding and educational resources to help with the   implementation and adoption of our products, across entire teams and departments.

IP Maturity Assessment

Our IP Maturity Assessment workshop is designed to help you take better advantage of the intangible assets you own. Because the simple fact is, intangible assets (patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property) represent a huge portion of an organization's value. Companies under pressure to deliver shareholder value should begin by developing methods to take advantage their intangible assets.

Support Levels

We know how important it is that you stay on track. That’s why we offer a multitude of ways to get - and keep - you up and running as quickly as humanly (or technologically) possible. The award-winning Innography Client Success & Support team will be delighted to help you, no matter which of the following options you select.

Innography's solutions provide IP professionals in licensing, strategy, litigation, acquisition due diligence, R&D, and competitive intelligence with the answers they need to get products to market faster. Our patent tools and ip monitoring tools uncover new and more lucrative revenue sources, keep better track of competitors, pre-empt litigation claims and stay on top of numerous IP-associated functions. 

Patent Search

Whether you need a simple patent search tool, IP monitoring tool, or a comprehensive IP analysis software platform, we have you covered. Innography’s approach to patent search and IP analysis is different. Based on big data architecture, our software platform performs global patent search using data from more than 100 public sources.

Patent Licensing

Building an effective patent licensing program requires a thorough understanding of your active markets and the adjacent ones where you don’t compete. Identifying, evaluating, and securing the best licensing prospects for your intellectual property is easy with Innography. 

IP Portfolio Analysis

One of the staple tasks IP professionals undertake is to examine portfolios of competitors, companies they may acquire and even their own. With large and complex portfolios and diverse technologies, this can be a daunting task.

Patent Strategy

With business environments becoming increasingly more complex, being able to effectively refine, leverage, and protect a company's IP investment is invaluable for capitalizing on immediate opportunities and long-term initiatives.

Litigation Strategy

As your organization's legal counsel, responding quickly to patent infringement letters can make your organization a less attractive target while making more work for the licensing company. The problem is that developing an adequate response to infringement letters can be time-consuming and expensive.

Competitive Analysis

IP information can provide competitive intelligence years before companies publicly announce new products. However, because companies often try to hide their patent filings and patents change hands multiple times, it can be difficult for your organization to understand who owns what. You also need to view innovation in the context of the inventing company’s market size, revenue, and past litigation. 

Acquisition Due Diligence

Intellectual property can be an organization's most valuable asset, and as such is of high importance in technology-driven mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers. Finding the right IP portfolio to acquire is a crucial decision, but one that can be difficult based upon the limited information typically available to a corporate development team.

R&D Strategies

Identifying disruptive technologies that can provide new revenue paths or fill known gaps in current product lines is critical to an organization’s success.