IP Portfolio Analysis

Intellectual Property Analysis

One of the staple tasks IP professionals undertake is to conduct a portfolio examination and intellectual property analysis of competitors, companies they may acquire, and even their own. With large and complex portfolios and diverse technologies, this can be a daunting task especially when intellectual property protection is a concern.
Innography allows IP professionals to turn this tedious process into fast insight.
Only Innography provides correlated data, along with Playbooks, and visualizations that help you quickly dissect even the largest and most diverse portfolios.
Armed with the insight Innography’s intellectual property analysis provides you’re better equipped to help your organization develop the right IP strategy.  In minutes, discover:

  • Gaps in your existing portfolio
  • White space you can explore for new innovations
  • How your intellectual property stacks up against competitors
  • Who is infringing on your technology
  • What litigation is occurring in your markets
  • If the portfolio you’re examining for acquisition is a good fit, too much of an overlap, has weak patents, or patents ready to expire
  • Intellectual Property protection and chain-of-title issues that need to be addressed

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