Patent Licensing

Building an effective patent licensing program requires a thorough understanding of your active markets and the adjacent ones where you don’t compete. Innography’s patent licensing services make it easy for you to identify, evaluate, and secure the best licensing prospects for your intellectual property. 

Within minutes, Advanced Analysis can help Licensing professionals to:

  1. Dissect and classify any Portfolio and rank patents by PatentStrength™, a de facto standard for measuring the importance of patents
  2. Identify and qualify licensing opportunities with our built-in visualizations, citation-mining, semantic search, and one-click Playbooks
  3. Prioritize opportunities by examining trademarks and revenue
  4. Assess litigation risk

Only Innography provides this depth of correlated information to give you the ability to quickly build pipelines of licensing leads by exposing connections between technologies, patents, companies, products, and litigation.

Speed your patent licensing analysis with dozens of reports and visualizations.  Understand prominence and risk in a market one click away with our unique Market Map. Find the most valuable patents in a portfolio with GemFinder™. Mine citations, locate even the most obscure infringers with our directed semantic search and patent licensing services to easily map patents to actual products.

Want to learn more? Watch our Licensing Patents vi​deo.