Patent Strategy

With business environments becoming increasingly more complex, being able to effectively refine, leverage, and protect a company's IP investment with a solid patent strategy becomes invaluable for capitalizing on immediate opportunities and long-term initiatives.

Innography enables strategic IP portfolio planning, development, and patent monetization by:

  • Refining your patent strategy by better understanding your organization's position in relation to overall market focus and execution.
  • Identifying IP portfolio opportunities and threats, along with appropriate courses of action to be taken.
  • Comparing IP portfolios to understand areas of heaviest investment by your competition and partners.
  • Finding connected and similar patents to a given patent or portfolio example to help identify competitors, market/technology adjacencies, and licensing, patent monetization or partnership candidates.
  • Detecting gaps in your own or in other company's portfolios to help identify missing areas of patent coverage.
  • Identifying new markets to be exploited with new patents and products by uncovering technology areas for which there is little or no patent coverage.
  • Understanding the geographic landscape of patent coverage and which jurisdictions have the highest patent coverage.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s patent portfolio.

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