R&D Strategies

Identifying disruptive technologies that can provide new revenue paths or fill known gaps in current product lines is critical to an organization’s success.

Innography’s patent clearance search capability is particularly helpful to technology teams when looking to identify a niche to be filled with new technology. As a technology innovator, you can quickly define and explore technology landscapes, find patented technologies and mine for connections, enablers, and adjacencies, which can accelerate the process of uncovering new opportunities for development.

In addition, Innography’s patentability assessment technology enables you to easily discover if a new innovation is patentable by quickly identifying relevant patent prior art.

Technology Innovation

Innography enables technology teams to identify new innovation and patent opportunities for their organizations by:

  • Quickly identifying competitors for a given technology and finding market adjacencies by leveraging citation connections within patents and technology classifications
  • Identifying newly emerging technology segments and market shifts to help spot trends and create technology forecasts and roadmaps
  • Identifying market areas where there is little or no patent coverage but for which a market need exists

Open Innovation

When looking outside your own research and development centers to find external innovation to commercialize, our patent clearance search can detect companies that fill the need and show competitive landscapes that can assist in qualifying companies to approach first by:

  • Identifying competitors for a given technology, market/technology adjacencies, or licensing/partnership candidates
  • Grouping companies by size and revenue in areas of interest to identify out-licensing, acquisition, or partnership candidates
  • Identifying companies with products related to given patents or patents related to given products
  • Assessing which patents should be on the radar screen as potential IP opportunities or threats

Patentability Assessment

Key to innovation of any new technology is the question of whether it is patentable. Innography enables you to determine the patentability of a new innovation by:

  • Quickly performing initial prior art searches using semantic searches and easily retrieving feedback from inventors and subject matter experts
  • Identifying litigious companies in technology areas that are core to your organization that could represent threats to new products being developed

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