Advanced Analysis

The Industry’s Most Advanced IP Analysis Software

Advanced Analysis is the only full lifecycle patent research and patent analysis software designed for both IP power and business users. Drill as deep as you like into the data or generate point and click reports. Either way, you get the industry’s most comprehensive data analytics with insights that would otherwise take weeks or months to derive.

Use Advanced Analysis for:

  • Portfolio Management: Get a more comprehensive view of your portfolio and your competitors’ by integrating public data and internal information to expose richer insights and make more informed decisions about your IP portfolio.
  • Patent Licensing: Patents can represent up to 85% of a company’s value.  Use Innography for patent research to monetize your assets, identify new candidates for out-licensing, or cross-licensing. Find suppliers for in-licensing and open innovation. Isolate relevant adjacent markets for strengthening your IP in noncompeting industries.
  • Patent Litigation: Respond to assertion letters from a position of strength by using Innography to locate patents that may invalidate prior art. Understand the litigation trends in your market and predict threats against your portfolio. Use Innography to locate infringers and develop assertion strategies.
  • M&A Due Diligence: Chain-of-title issues can render patents invalid. Determine if the assets you are buying are worth the price and easily identify hidden litigation risk they may carry. Determine if acquired patents provide adequate gap coverage.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Understand competitors’ portfolio strength, strongest patents, trademarks and filing trends. Innography helps you examine the white space in your industry.
  • Risk Management: Understand non-practicing entities in your space, litigation trends, and gaps in your portfolio.
  • Innovation & Patentability: Conduct patent research, explore technology landscapes, mine for connections and adjacencies, and uncover market development opportunities. 
  • IP Strategies: Track and monitor IP investments, view market landscapes, determine positioning, and portfolio companies.

Each year, Innography clients use our software to make strategic decisions on $172B in R&D spend, along with $20B in licensing decisions, and management of $3B in litigation costs.


PortfolioIQ was designed to ensure that all members of your team have access to the most accurate and comprehensive data available. By bridging the gap between IP management systems (docketing), spreadsheets, other internal systems and IP search and analysis tools, it empowers you to answer sophisticated IP questions and decrease wasted time, cost, and avoid unnecessary risk. With customizable PortfolioIQ fields, you can now conduct analyses using both public data and your own internal data to answer more sophisticated IP questions. Learn more about PortfolioIQ.

Terminal Disclaimer Relationships

We have more than doubled the number of terminally disclaimed patents in our database to show the complete Terminally Disclaimed (BY and TO) relationships. Now, you can find terminal disclaimed relationships in minutes without having to read through Image File Wrapper documents or miss key encumbrances on patents. 

Interactive Visualizations

Innography Advanced Analysis provides better answers to IP-related questions, allowing you to make better business decisions. With over 70 visualizations, exportable and editable in Microsoft Office®, Advanced Analysis helps you communicate complex IP data with just a few clicks. Market maps, text clusters, histograms, and heat maps are just a few of the options for visualizing your IP analysis.

Powerful Semantic Search

With our unique global semantic search capabilities, you can find thousands of semantically relevant patents in seconds. Semantic searches can be done against a project you’ve saved, within a specific company’s portfolio, or against our library of more than 100 million patents. This search type is extremely fast and efficient for answering many IP questions.

Chemical Structure Search

Draw chemical compounds or enter familiar names or brands to find relevant documents. Find more accurate results using chemical structures and conduct analysis in the same application.  

IP Portfolio Cost Benchmarks

What IP professional wouldn’t benefit from being able to compare their spending trends to their top competitors with a single click? Innography is the first major provider in the market to offer cost estimates of a company’s patent portfolio, enabling you to leverage international benchmark data from CPA Global’s IP Forecaster® to intelligently estimate the cost of filing and maintenance across jurisdictions through our Advanced Analysis platform. 

Normalized Inventor Names

Similar to our proprietary algorithms used to normalize and build hierarchies of company names, we have developed algorithms to normalize and connect inventor names. We’ve mined 16 million unique inventor profiles across 30 million inventor employment histories that can be used to get an accurate view of inventors, reducing 70% of redundant inventor records due to misspellings, duplicates/rollups, etc. Now you can easily find which inventors have worked on specific technologies, for specific companies, or to recognize inventors in your own organization. 

IP Analytics Solution

Innography Playbooks, included with Advanced Analysis, provide step-by-step business oriented processes, which automate key IP analysis activities and enable business users to leverage the power of patent analytics. Key research tasks can be performed accurately in minutes, without needing to develop deep expertise in IP search and analysis methodologies. Learn more about Playbooks.


No other platform in the industry comes close to providing as many dimensions of data relevant to answering IP questions as we do. Our clients believe that having a comprehensive foundation of high-quality data is the key to finding IP insights – and we couldn’t agree more. Twice a week, our data goes through a rigorous update process where it is cleansed, normalized, and correlated to provide you with the highest quality patent analysis available. Learn more about Innography’s Data Coverage and Quality.

Innography data includes:

  • More Than 100 Million US and International Patents from Over 102 Jurisdictions
  • Over 7.5 million US Trademarks
  • US and International Litigation Data
  • Prosecution Data & Trends (Public PAIR & non-US)
  • Terminal Disclaimer To And By Relationship Data
  • Pharmaceutical Documents
  • Technical Standards
  • Non-Patent Literature
  • Normalized Companies and Hierarchies
  • Normalized Inventor Profiles
  • Company Financial and Stock Information
  • IP Portfolio Cost Estimates by Company

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