Innography Explorer

Powerful IP Search and Reporting Software Easy for Anyone To Use

Innography Explorer is an easy-to-use, secure patent search and analysis tool that allows users to conduct IP research easily to ensure you are efficiently innovating and are first to file.

In minutes, your team can conduct IP research and develop an understanding of an IP landscape without the need for extensive training in complex keyword search techniques. In some cases, patents use vague language, which a narrow keyword search would miss and leave you at risk. Having the ability to conduct a true semantic search to find patents that are relevant to the concepts in a natural language description of a patent can be critical to legal action or invalidation.

Innography Explorer makes it fast and affordable to give easy-to-use, secure tools to the people who need them the most for:

  • Conducting prior art search
  • Developing new product ideas
  • Examining white space and novelty
  • Exploring freedom to operate
  • Identifying collaborators
  • Preparing invention disclosures

Get What You Need Quickly

Included in Innography Explorer are nine Playbooks which guide users through a workflow, step-by-step to quickly and easily create meeting-ready reports with conclusions and insights from the analyses.

Same High-Quality Data

Innography Explorer is built on top of the same comprehensive, cleansed patent data as Advanced Analysis, including over 100 million patents and data from over 177 sources to provide insight specifically to help your IP research team create better ideas for patent prosecution.

Powerful, Simplified Patent Search

Researchers can enter large blocks of text for Semantic Searching, patent numbers, keywords, publication numbers, or chemical structures to find highly relevant documents and conduct prior art searches quickly and accurately.

Visualizations That Tell a Story

Explorer generates numerous interactive visualizations to help organizations reduce the effort and expense needed to conduct IP research. These tools enable the mapping of technology trends; classification similarities; market, geographic, company and classification landscapes; assignment relationships; and forward and backward citation mapping.

Collaborate Cross-Functionally

Explorer enables the creation of project workspaces to save search results, upload documents, and categorize documents. Allowing for easy collaboration Colleagues can collaborate on projects, review and share analysis, refine search results, and set alert notifications.


Innography Explorer is a secure solution with none of the risk the free patent search tools pose to your business strategy.

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